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Exactly how to improve the accuracy of cnc machining?

Now every person has a mobile phone in their hands, but they hardly ever notice the back cover of the smart phone. The back cover is made from high-precision cnc light weight aluminum. The cnc machining accuracy is very high. How to improve the machining accuracy of cnc? Listed below, discuss with you four methods to enhance the precision of cnc processing
Most of us know that a person of the indications for testing CNC machining is machining precision. Exactly how do we guarantee the precision of cnc machining when we are standardizing? The standard system is the test cutting method. This technique can make certain that the mistake is within the affordable control array, but it is difficult and the manufacturing efficiency is not high. It is generally utilized for single-piece small batch manufacturing. The mass production of cellphone coverings, while preserving high accuracy CNC machining, it is essential to readjust the family member setting of device devices, fixtures, workpieces and also tools to acquire the needed dimension to achieve the function of ensuring batch processing accuracy. Then, in order to make certain the processing accuracy, which processes should be changed ahead of time?
First, enhance the rotation accuracy of the bearings of CNC equipment tools. When improving the precision of the rotation, high-precision rolling bearings, multi-oil dynamic stress bearings, and also hydrostatic bearings can be chosen. At the exact same time, the precision of the bearing devices is boosted, such as enhancing the machining accuracy of the assistance hole of the box and also the spindle journal, to ensure that the pin turning precision is not reflected on the workpiece.

Second, control the thermal contortion of the process. The cnc machining facility is a high-speed cutting handling equipment. A huge quantity of warmth is created during the handling. The warm generation of the heat source as well as the isolation of the warmth source should be decreased, and also the heat treatment process for removing the inner stress must be included. The dimension of the machining mistake shows the handling accuracy, and also the error is greater. The reduced the machining accuracy, the smaller the error and also the greater the machining precision.

Third, reduce the transmission chain transmission mistake transmission system ought to maintain the variety of transmission components is small, the transmission chain is short, the transmission accuracy is high, the use of speed reduction transmission is an essential means to make certain the transmission accuracy, as well as the closer to the end of the transmission pair, the transmission proportion need to be The smaller sized the end item, the higher the precision of the end item than the other drive components.

4th, reduce the tool wear of CNC machine tools. Before the tool puts on sharply, the device must be re-worn and one of the most special cutting oil ought to be selected for full lubrication. The tool product must fulfill the process needs.

The above are four methods to improve the machining precision of the cnc machining facility, which can greatly improve the accuracy of cnc machining. These are the experiences collected by Xiaobian for many years, and I will share it with you.


Cnc machining parts surface processing method selection factors to consider

The surface processing method of cncmachined parts depends first on the technical requirements of the machined surface. However, it should be noted that these technical requirements are not necessarily the requirements specified in the parts drawing, and may sometimes be higher than the requirements on the part drawing in some respects due to process reasons. If the benchmarks do not coincide, the processing requirements for the surface of some cnc machined parts are increased. Or because of being a fine benchmark, it is possible to impose higher processing requirements on it.

Once the technical requirements for the surface of each cnc machined part are specified, the final machining method that guarantees this requirement can be selected accordingly, and the machining method that requires several steps and steps is determined. The selected cnc machined parts processing method should meet the requirements of part quality, good processing economy and high production efficiency. To this end, the following factors should be considered when choosing a processing method:

1. Any kind of cnc processing method can obtain a considerable range of processing accuracy and surface roughness, but only in a narrow range is economical, the processing precision of this range is economic processing precision. For this reason, when selecting a processing method, the corresponding processing method that can obtain economic processing precision should be selected.

2. Consider the material properties of the cnc machined parts.
3. Consider the structural shape and size of the cnc machined parts.

4. Consider productivity and economic requirements. When mass production is large, high-efficiency and advanced processes should be adopted. It is even possible to fundamentally change the manufacturing method of the blank, which can reduce the labor of machining.

5. Consider the existing equipment and technical conditions of the cnc processing plant or workshop. When selecting the processing method, you should make full use of the existing equipment, tap the potential of the enterprise, and give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of the workers. However, consideration should also be given to continually improving existing processing methods and equipment, adopting new technologies and improving process levels.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Cnc processing turning amount how to choose

The specific value of the cutting amount during cnc machining should be determined by simulation method according to the machine tool performance, relevant manual and practical experience. At the same time, the spindle rotation speed, the back-feeding amount and the feed speed can be adapted to each other to form an optimum cutting amount. So how do you choose the amount of turning in the actual application process? What are the principles?
cnc turning

(1) When roughing, first consider selecting a large amount of back-feeding knife ap, secondly selecting a larger feed amount f, and finally determining a suitable cutting progress v. Increasing the amount of backing knife ap can reduce the number of passes, and increasing the feed rate f is beneficial to chip breaking. Therefore, it is advantageous to select the roughing amount according to the above principles to improve production efficiency, reduce tool consumption, and reduce Therefore, it is advantageous to select the roughing amount according to the above principles to improve production efficiency cost.
cnc machining

(2) When finishing the car, the cnc machining accuracy and surface roughness are required to be high, and the machining allowance is small and uniform. Therefore, the smaller (but not too small) backing knife amount ap and the feed amount f are selected, and the cutting is selected. High performance tool material and reasonable geometric parameters to maximize cutting speed v.

(3) When arranging coarse and fine turning, pay attention to the range of allowable cutting amount given by the cnc machining center manual. For the CNC lathe with AC frequency conversion speed regulation, the torque of the spindle is reduced at low speed, especially the cutting amount selection at this time.
cnc machining services china

The above three points are the principle that cnc processing is the amount of cutting. As a skilled operator, the cutting amount should be reasonably distributed to ensure the working efficiency of the cnc machining services china.


How to improve the quality of cnc machining parts

 1. Reasonable cnc machining of machining tools with copper and aluminum parts
The processing of steel and copper knives should be strictly differentiated. The remaining amount of the optical knives should be reasonable, so that the smoothness of the workpiece and the length of use of the knives will be better.

cnc machining

2. Before cnc processing, use the calibration meter to check (check and test) whether the tool is swinging within the allowable tolerance range. The cutter head and the lock nozzle should be blown clean with a wind gun before cleaning, or wiped with a cloth to install the knife. Too dirty is a certain influence on the accuracy and quality of the workpiece.
3. When clamping, pay attention to see if the name and model of the cnc machining workpiece and the program list are the same, whether the material size matches, whether the clamping height is high enough, and the number of calipers is used.
cnc milling

4. The CNC machining program list should be consistent with the reference angle indicated by the mold, and then check whether the upper 3D drawing is correct. Especially for the workpiece that has been transported with water, it is necessary to see the 3D drawing and the workpiece water conveyed. Is it consistent? If there is any unclear, please promptly feedback the programmer or find the fitter master to view the 2D drawings and see if the 2D and 3D reference angles are consistent. To change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for new product development and modification.
cnc machining

5. The program list of the CNC machining file should be normalized, including the model number, name, program name, machining content, tool size, feed amount, especially the tool clamp safety length, the reserved margin for each program, and the light knife. It should be clearly stated that the R surface and the plane should be connected smoothly. It should be indicated on the program list. The operation controller should increase the processing by 0.02-0.05MM during processing. If it is a few knives, stop it and see if it is connected. , touch the hand to see if it is up, if not, then lower it.

china cnc machining medical parts
6, before processing, you must understand the contents of the CNC machining program, the program must have 2D or 3D map, and must be marked; X length, Y width, Z height; six sides of data. If there is a flat surface to be marked, the operator can easily detect (check and test) the data after processing, and the tolerance data should be indicated.

7. The machine tool processing speed operation controller should be strictly controlled. The F speed and the S spindle speed should be properly adjusted with each other. When the F speed is fast, the S spindle should be accelerated. The feed speed must be adjusted in different areas.
china cnc machining medical parts

No matter the precision and precision of the cnc machining center, there may be problems with the quality of the machined workpiece. In this case, don't panic. Only find the real reason to make a solution.


What is the CNC machining of aluminum alloy? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Many people have heard of CNC lathes and have heard of CNC technology, but they don't know about aluminum alloy CNCmachining. So what is cnc processing?
In fact, aluminum alloy numerical control machining is a method of controlling the movement and processing of machine tools by using digital information. A machine tool that implements machining control using numerical control technology, or a machine tool equipped with a numerical control system, is called a numerical control (NC) machine tool.

Cnc milling

With the continuous advancement of technology, the development of modern cnc processing technology has become high-speed, high-precision, high-reliability, multi-functional, composite, and intelligent. This processing technology has been widely applied to various fields. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum alloy CNCmachining? I will take you to analyze it together!

cnc milling
First of all, to understand the shortcomings of this processing technology, in fact, the machine tool equipment is expensive, requiring maintenance personnel to have a higher level.
Compared with the shortcomings of aluminum alloy CNC machining, this processing method shows more of its own advantages and also reflects its own value in various industries. Specific advantages:

Mobile parts
1 It can process complex shapes that are difficult to machine by conventional methods, and can even process some unobservable processing parts.
2 The processing quality is stable, the processing precision is high, the repeating precision is high, and it is suitable for the processing requirements of the aircraft.
The production efficiency is high in 3 varieties and small batch production, which can reduce the time of production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection, and reduce the cutting time due to the use of the best cutting amount.
4 A large number of tooling reductions are required, and complicated tooling is not required for machining complex shapes. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for new product development and modification.

Overall, the emergence of aluminum alloy CNC machining has brought great convenience to our lives, and has also improved the production efficiency of various industries.


How to choose CNC machining tools _ How to solve the collision knife in CNC machining center

The selection of CNC tools and the determination of cutting amount are important contents in the CNC machiningprocess. It not only affects the machining efficiency of CNC machine tools, but also directly affects the processing quality. So how do CNC machining companies choose tools?
cnc machining

The tool selection and cutting amount determination of the CNC machining center is completed under the human-computer interaction state, which is in sharp contrast with the ordinary machine tool processing. At the same time, the programmer must also master the basic principles of tool selection and cutting amount determination. Taking full account of the characteristics of CNC machining, the cutting tool and cutting amount can be correctly selected.

The general principle of tool selection is: easy installation and adjustment, good rigidity, durability and high precision. Under the premise of meeting the processing requirements, try to choose a shorter tool holder to improve the rigidity of the tool processing.

cnc machining
Familiar with the importance of the tool for CNC machining, it is inevitable that a knife collision phenomenon will occur during the use. For example, if there is a problem in the origin and coordinate system of the CNC machining center, the knife failure will be caused. How to solve it?
Auto metal parts

At the time of starting up, the machine origin is not set. At this time, the program is run. If you accidentally, the machine will hit the knife because the system does not know the exact position of the machine, and the machine origin is incorrect. Therefore, we must check the setting of the origin of the coordinate system of the CNC machining center before starting the machine.

For the setting of the workpiece coordinate system, before the machining operation, the zero point setting or the coordinate system setting of the workpiece coordinate system is correct. At this time, the numerical control machining center will not have the problem that the size of the workpiece or the workpiece is not correct.


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What are the tools used for 5-axis CNC machining?

Among various types of CNC machining, five-axis CNC machining can be said to be a high-tech CNC machining type. In the 1980s and 1990s, five-axis CNC machining was listed as a strategic material. There were extremely strict restrictions on exports and imports. It is conceivable how high the five-axis CNC machining was at that time. Today, five-axis CNC machining still has a strong influence, and it is still irreplaceable in the processing of various high-end technology parts.

Although there is no clear requirement for the five-axis CNC machining in the selection of the tool magazine, we always choose a better tool magazine when selecting the tool magazine for five-axis CNC machining. This is based on the choice of five-axis CNC machining features. The workpieces processed by the five-axis CNC machining are generally very complicated, and the requirements for precision are extremely high. The selection of the tool magazine and the tool directly affects the machining efficiency of the five-axis CNC machining and the quality of the machined workpiece, so the tool magazine for five-axis CNC machining Choice is a problem that cannot be ignored.

cnc machining

When selecting a tool magazine for five-axis CNC machining, we need to choose a better tool magazine and more sophisticated tools. A good magazine is based on the type and brand of the magazine. For example, a five-axis VMC850 CNC machining, our optional magazine type has a bucket type tool magazine and a knife arm type tool magazine, then we choose to use the knife arm type tool magazine. As for the brand of the tool magazine and the tool, it is a matter of opinion.

cnc machining

Five-axis CNC machining can make large vertical CNC machining, or it can be small vertical CNC machining. However, the two CNC machining magazines only have the choice of bucket type and arm type. Generally, we can't see the five-axis CNC machining. To the bucket magazine, very few people will use the bucket magazine on the five-axis CNC machining. The five-axis high-speed CNC machining tool magazine type is different from ordinary CNC machining. The tool magazine used for high-speed CNC machining is the tool arm type and the same-moving tool magazine. Generally, the same-moving tool magazine is better, and the tool change speed is faster. The same is true for the drill center. In the clip arm magazine and the flying saucer magazine, the clip arm type and the arm type tool magazine are not much different. The flying disc type tool magazine is faster than the clip arm type tool magazine. The general magazine capacity is larger than the clip arm magazine, which can meet the needs of most customers.


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

How to determine the amount of CNC machining cutting? What are the processing principles?

Correct selection of CNC machining cuttings is a major part of the CNC machining part cutting principle course. Metal machining has three basic principles:

cnc machining

1. CNCmachining feed rate
F mainly depends on the surface roughness requirements of the workpiece. When finishing, the surface requirements are high, and the amount of the cutter is small: 0.06-0.12mm/spindle per revolution. When roughing, it can be larger. It is mainly determined by the tool strength, generally 0.3 or more. When the tool main back angle is large, the tool strength is poor, and the feed amount cannot be too large. Also consider the power of the machine, the rigidity of the workpiece and the tool. The NC program uses two types of feeds: mm/min, mm/spindle per revolution, and the units used above are mm/spindle per revolution. If mm/min is used, the formula can be converted: the feed per minute = each Turning tool amount * Spindle revolutions per minute.

cnc machining

2, cutting speed
To select the spindle revolutions per minute, you must first know what the cutting line speed V should take. Selection of V: ​​depends on tool material, workpiece material, processing conditions, etc.
Processing conditions: roughing, V is lower; finishing, V is higher. The rigidity of the machine tool, workpiece, and tool is poor, and V is low. If the S used by the NC program is the number of spindle revolutions per minute, then S:S (spindle revolutions per minute) = V (cutting line speed) * 1000 / (3.1416 * workpiece) should be calculated according to the workpiece diameter and the cutting line speed V Diameter) If the NC program uses a constant line speed, then S can directly use the cutting line speed V (m/min)

cnc machining

3, eating knife depth
For cnc finishing, it is generally possible to take 0.5 (radius value) or less. When roughing, depending on the workpiece, tool, and machine condition, the general small lathe (maximum machining diameter is 400mm or less) is turned on the 45th steel in the normalized state, and the depth of the cutter in the radial direction is generally not more than 5mm. In addition, it should be noted that if the spindle shifting of the lathe is using ordinary variable frequency speed regulation, when the spindle rotates at a very low speed per minute (less than 100-200 rpm), the motor output power will be significantly reduced. Depth and feed can only be achieved very small.cnc machining.


Selection of blanks for machining parts in CNC machining

CNC machining Before the development of the machining rules for parts, it is necessary to select the types of blanks before the parts are processed and their different manufacturing methods. Since the number of processes, material consumption, and labor consumption of CNC machining parts are largely related to the selection of blanks, the correct selection of blanks has great technical and economic significance.

cnc machining

 The types of commonly used CNC machining parts are: castings, forgings, profiles, welded parts, stampings, etc., and the same kind of blanks may have different manufacturing methods. The choice of blank should take into account the size of the production scale, which largely determines the economics of using a certain blank manufacturing method. If the production scale is large, the high-precision and high-productivity blank manufacturing method can be adopted, which not only saves raw materials but also significantly reduces the amount of machining labor. Moreover, the high precision of the blank can simplify the process and process equipment, and reduce the product. total cost. In fact, the selection of CNC machining blanks should consider the following points:

cnc machining

1. The shape and size of the workpiece structure. For example, blanks with complex shapes and thin walls are generally not castable in metal form; blanks with larger sizes are often not used for die forging, die casting and precision casting. For example, some small parts with special shapes are difficult to machine, and more sophisticated blank manufacturing methods, such as die casting and investment casting, are often used to minimize the amount of machining.

cnc machining
2, the mechanical properties of the parts. The same material uses different blank manufacturing methods, and its mechanical properties tend to be different. For example, a metal cast blank has a higher strength than a sand cast, a centrifugal cast and a pressure cast blank, and its strength is higher than that of a metal cast blank. Forgings with high strength requirements are often used, and ductile iron parts are sometimes used.
cnc machining

3. The possibility and economy should be considered from the existing equipment and technical level of the factory. Consideration should also be given to the possibility of using new processes, new technologies and new materials such as precision casting, precision forging, cold rolling, cold extrusion, powder metallurgy and engineering plastics. With these blank manufacturing methods, the amount of machining can be greatly reduced, and sometimes the numerical control machining can be omitted, and the economic effect is very remarkable.cnc machining.


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How does the CNC machining center process parts?

CNC machining is not only used for large-volume parts processing, but also for small-volume parts and high-precision parts. CNC machining is flexible and highly automated. It is especially suitable for machining curves with complex contours, curved parts, and complex boxes with a large number of holes and grooves. The prismatic parts are used in many varieties and small batches. Processing can achieve high economic benefits.
cnc machining

 The processing of cnc processing technology is basically the same as ordinary processing, but it has its own characteristics. Therefore, when designing the numerical control machining process of the parts, it is necessary to follow the CNC machining flexibility and high degree of automation. It is especially suitable for processing curves with complex contour shapes, curved parts, and complex boxes with a large number of holes and grooves. In the case of multi-variety and small-volume production, the use of CNC machine tools can achieve high economic benefits.

cnc machining

The cnc machining center determines the tool point and the tool change point. The tool point is the starting point of the tool movement relative to the workpiece during NC machining. Since the program is also executed from this point, the tool point is also called the program start point or the starting point. The choice of the tool point position should be considered first when programming.
cnc machining

When the machining accuracy is not high, some surfaces on the workpiece or on the fixture can be used directly as the tool face. When the machining accuracy is high, the tool point should be selected on the design basis or process reference of the part, such as hole positioning. For the part, it is more appropriate to take the axis of the hole as the tool point.
cnc machining

The tool point must have a certain coordinate relationship with the positioning reference of the workpiece to determine the relationship between the machine target and the workpiece coordinate system. The choice of the tool point should facilitate the calculation of the coordinate values ​​and make the tooling convenient.

cnc machining
When the tool is set, the tool point should be coincident with the tool point. The so-called knife position, for the flat end mill refers to the intersection of the tool axis and the tool bottom; for the ball end milling cutter is the ball center of the ball head; for the turning tool is the tool tip; for the drill bit is the drill tip; The wire electrode cutting machine tool refers to the focus of the wire electrode axis and the part surface.

cnc machining
Pingtejing CNC machining center reminds everyone that when changing the tool during the machining process, the tool change point should be specified. The position of the tool change point should be based on the principle of not hurting the workpiece, fixture and machine tool during tool change. set up. Do not blindly change the props, which may cause damage to the equipment.


Monday, June 17, 2019

CNC machining accuracy is not allowed? Have you learned about these methods?

CNC machining is a processing method for precision parts processing. Therefore, the requirements for CNC machining products are extremely high. Products with low precision are also required to be rebuilt or directly scrapped. For CNC machining manufacturers, it is very scary. Xiaobian told everyone about the reasons and solutions for the inaccuracy of CNC machining.

cnc machining parts

1. The workpiece size is accurate and the surface finish is poor.
The cause of the failure: the tool tip is damaged, not sharp; the machine tool generates resonance, the placement is not stable; the machine tool has crawling phenomenon; the processing technology is not good.
Solution: If the tool is not sharp after being worn or damaged, re-grind the knife or choose a better tool to re-align the tool; the machine will generate resonance or place it is not stable, adjust the level, lay the foundation, and fix it smoothly; the reason for the mechanical creep is drag The guide rail of the plate is very worn, the screw of the lead screw is worn or loose, and the machine should pay attention to maintenance. After the work, the wire should be cleaned and the lubricant should be added in time to reduce the friction. The coolant suitable for the workpiece processing can be selected to meet the processing requirements of other processes. In the case, try to use a higher spindle speed.
cnc machining parts

2. The workpiece produces a taper size
The cause of the fault: the level of the machine tool is not adjusted well, one high and one low, the placement is not stable; when turning the long axis, the contribution material is relatively hard, the tool eats the knife deeper, causing the knife phenomenon; the tailstock thimble is not concentric with the main shaft.
Solution: Use the level to adjust the level of the machine, lay a solid foundation, fix the machine to improve its toughness; choose a reasonable process and appropriate cutting feed to avoid the tool force to make the knife; adjust the tailstock.

cnc machining parts
4. The processing arc effect is not ideal, the size is not in place
The cause of the fault: the overlap of the vibration frequency causes resonance; the processing technology; the parameter setting is unreasonable, the feed speed is too large, the arc machining is out of step; the looseness caused by the screw gap is large or the screw is too tight; abrasion.
Solution: Find the part that produces resonance, change its frequency, avoid resonance; consider the processing technology of the workpiece material, and make the program reasonably; for stepper motor, the processing rate F can't be set too large; whether the machine is installed firmly, placed smoothly, drag Whether the board is too tight after wear, the gap is increased or the tool holder is loose; etc.; replace the timing belt.

cnc machining parts
5. There is a change in the processing of one part of the workpiece, and the dimensions of other processes are accurate.
Fault reason: Whether the parameters of the program block program are reasonable, whether it is within the predetermined track, and whether the programming format meets the requirements of the manual.
Solution: If there is a chaotic tooth in the thread block, if the pitch is wrong, it immediately associates with the peripheral configuration (encoder) of the cnc machining thread and the objective factor of the function.


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Introduction to the motor spindle structure of cnc machining center

The electric spindle is a new technology that integrates the machine tool spindle and the spindle motor in the field of cnc machine tools in recent years. Together with the linear motor technology and high-speed tool technology, it will push high-speed machining to a new era. Cnc machining electric spindle is a set of components, including the electric spindle itself and its accessories: electric spindle, high frequency inverter, oil mist lubricator, cooling device, built-in encoder, tool changer.

CNC processing plant

The high-speed spindle is the most important key technology for high-speed cutting technology and the most important part of high-speed cutting machine tools. It requires high dynamic balance, good rigidity, high rotation precision, good thermal stability, can transmit enough torque and power, can withstand high centrifugal force, with accurate temperature measuring device and efficient cooling device. High-speed cutting generally requires a spindle speed capability of not less than 40,000 r/min and a spindle power of more than 15 kW. Usually, the electric spindle components integrated with the spindle motor are used to realize direct transmission without intermediate links. Most of the motors use induction integrated spindle motors. At present, most commonly used are hot-pressed silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic bearings, hydrodynamic and hydrostatic bearings, and air bearings. Lubrication uses oil-gas lubrication, jet lubrication and other technologies. Spindle cooling is generally performed by water cooling or air cooling inside the spindle.

cnc machining

1. The figure above shows the working principle diagram of high-speed spindle of ceramic bearing. It adopts C or B-level precision angular contact ball bearing. The bearing arrangement is similar to that of traditional grinding machine spindle structure. It adopts “bead ball” structure, ball material Si3N4; adopts electric spindle (The motor is integrated with the main shaft); the bearing speed characteristic value (= shaft diameter (mm) × speed (r/min)) is 1.2 to 2 times higher than ordinary steel bearings, up to 0.5 to 1×106. The rotation precision is high, the hydrostatic bearing rotation error is below 0.2μm, the aerostatic bearing rotation error is below 0.05μm; the power loss is small; the hydrostatic bearing speed characteristic value can reach 1×106, the aerostatic bearing speed characteristic value Up to 3 × 106. Aerostatic bearings have a low load carrying capacity.
The advantages of ceramic bearings compared to steel balls are:
(1) The ceramic ball density is reduced by 60%, so that the centrifugal force can be greatly reduced;
(2) The ceramic modulus of elasticity is 50% higher than that of steel, which makes the bearing have higher rigidity;
(3) The ceramic friction coefficient is low, which can reduce bearing heat, wear and power loss;
(4) The ceramic has good wear resistance and long bearing life.

cnc machinng

2, magnetic bearing high-speed spindle
The figure above shows the working principle diagram of the high-speed spindle of the magnetic bearing. The main shaft is supported by two radial and two axial magnetic bearings. The gap between the stator and the rotor of the magnetic bearing is about 0.1 mm. High stiffness, about 10 times the stiffness of the ball bearing spindle. The speed characteristic value can reach 4×106. The accuracy of the rotation depends mainly on the accuracy and sensitivity of the sensor, as well as the performance of the control circuit, which is currently up to 0.2 μm. The cnc processing mechanical structure and circuit system are more complicated; and because of the high heat, the performance of the cooling system is relatively high.cnc machining

What is the difference between horizontal and vertical machining?

Nowadays, the common equipment in CNC machining equipment is the CNC horizontal machining center and the CNC vertical machining center. These two devices can provide high-precision machining operations when in use. In actual use, CNC There is a world of difference between horizontal machining centers and CNC vertical machining centers. Many operators don't understand the difference between these two devices, so it is easy to cause confusion. What are the differences between CNC vertical machining centers and CNC horizontal machining centers?

cnc machining

One: different processing range
Nowadays, the CNC horizontal machining center, which is common in the market, has a spindle in a horizontal state and can effectively perform a rotary motion, so that the box-like parts can perform better when installed and manufactured. The professional CNC vertical machining center has a shorter distance between the robot arms, so it has better effect on some small parts, but it is less effective for large box parts, so consumers can choose according to their own production. Different machining centers are selected by different part types.

cnc milling

Two: different ease of use
The high-quality CNC vertical machining center can effectively ensure the relevant staff to observe the machining effect of the parts in the processing room through the transparent cabinet and professional design operation interface. The structure of the CNC horizontal machining center is more complicated and covers the area. Larger, not easy to observe when measuring parts. These two machining center products feel a big gap when they are used, so consumers can choose the right machining center according to their own habits and pre-judgment of the parts.

Electronic parts

The above is the difference between the CNC vertical machining center and the CNC horizontal machining center introduced by Xiaobian, and I believe that consumers can better distinguish the two products according to their own judgment when using. It is believed that the above-mentioned comparison-related consumers can easily see that the high-quality CNC vertical machining center has better operating experience and superior operational precision, and these two unique advantages ensure the CNC vertical machining center. Get better results in actual part machining operations. The difference between these two products makes them meet the processing requirements of more products, bringing different processing experiences to the related parts manufacturing.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

China OEM/ODM die cast aluminum led bulb light housing by 4 axis cnc machining-PTJ hardware factory

4 axis cnc machining parts
cnc machining LED housing from china factory
 CNC machining--Dilling Holes/ Threading-- Quality Check (dimension and surface) -- Acid Washing-- Sanding Blasting-- Silver Anodize -- FQC(Surface Vision Checking)-- Packing Tiny Sand Blasting Finish Brings Very High End Surface Looking and Good Feeling For Touching.
  • Product name: led bulb light housing
  • No+Color:custom
  • Surface treatment:oxidation
  • Product material:aluminum
  • Proofing cycle:7 days(100000 pcs/M)
  • Application:LED heatsink
  • machining factory:PTJ
  • Product Category: led bulb light housing
  • Production Process:Lathe machining+4Axis cnc machine machining+die casting
  • Size:According to customer drawings
The PTJ factory has more than ten years of experience in OEM/ODM die cast aluminum led bulb light housing by 4 axis cnc machining and has a complete production system for surface treatment, structural processing and metal molds.

3-axis cnc machining custom light alloy structural motorcycle wheel hub covers-PTJ hardware factory

3 axis cnc machining auto hub
Automobile wheel hub is a disc cover part Outer surface of the parts
 1, step with groove
 2, reinforcement
The inner surface is a stepped hole, which is a typical disc-type part and has the characteristics of a shaft type part. The main machining surface of the hub is the upper and lower ends, and has high dimensional tolerances and geometric tolerance requirements..
  • Product name:light alloy structural 
  • No+Color:A18+sillver
  • Surface treatment:anodized
  • Product material:Aluminum
  • Proofing cycle:7 days
  • Application:cnc machining car parts
  • machining factory:PTJ
  • Product Category:cnc Wheel hub
  • Production Process:5-axis processing
  • Size:According to customer's drawings
The PTJ factory has more than ten years of experience in 3-axis cnc machining custom light alloy structural motorcycle wheel hub covers and has a complete production system for surface treatment, structural processing and metal molds.

5-Axis precision cnc machining custom 100w 200w led housing for LED street light-PTJ hardware factory

5 axis cnc machining LED housing
100W led heatsink by cnc machining Die casting aluminum case made of aircraft level 6063 aluminum, with IK10 impact protection. Housing through paint and anodized ,rugged and corrosion resistant,suitable for harsh outdoor environment. Heatsink and housing all in one design,easy storage transport assemble and maintenance. Perfect flatness of the contact area reduce the thermal resistance. Good thermal transfer from the heat source to the fins. Large heatsink surface with good aerodynamics.
  • Product name:LED street light cooling heatsink
  • No+Color:custom
  • Surface treatment:oxidation
  • Product material:aluminum 
  • Proofing cycle:7 days(100000 pcs/M)
  • Application:Led heatsink
  • machining factory:PTJ
  • Product Category:Led heatsink
  • Production Process:5-Ais cnc machining
  • Size:According to customer drawings
The PTJ factory has more than ten years of experience in 5-Axis precision cnc machining custom 100w 200w led housing for LED street light and has a complete production system for surface treatment, structural processing and metal molds.

Monday, June 10, 2019

what is cnc turning?

cnc turning

Explanation of "CNC Turning"

CNC turning refers to lathe machining as part of machining. The turning machine mainly uses a turning tool to turn the rotating workpiece. Lathes are mainly used for machining shafts, plates, sleeves and other workpieces with a rotating surface. They are the most widely used type of machine tools in machine building and repair plants.
Turning is used to machine the parts of the rotary body, and the parts are clamped on the spindle of the machine through the three-clamp chuck, and rotated at a high speed, and then the cutter is used to follow the busbar of the rotary body to cut out the appearance of the product.
The lathe can also be machined with internal holes, threads, bites, etc., the latter two being processed at low speed.
                                  ------The difference between machining and turning
Turning Section

CNC Turning Rules

The machining process of CNC lathe is similar to that of ordinary lathe, but since the CNC lathe is a single clamping and continuous automatic machining to complete all turning operations, the following aspects should be noted.
  • When turning the step shaft, in order to ensure the rigidity during turning, the part with a larger diameter and the smaller diameter of the rear part should be used.
  • When cutting the groove on the workpiece, it should be done before the finishing car to prevent the workpiece from being deformed.
  • When finishing a threaded shaft, it is generally necessary to finish the unthreaded part after threading.
  • Before drilling, the end face of the workpiece should be level. If necessary, the center hole should be used first.
  • When turning holes of Φ10-Φ20 mm, the diameter of the shank should be 0.6-0.7 times of the machined hole; when machining a hole larger than Φ20mm, the shank of the clamping head should generally be used.
  • When turning a multi-start thread or a multi-head worm, perform a trial cut after adjusting the exchange gear.
  • When turning on a vertical lathe, the beam should not be moved freely when the tool holder is adjusted.
Cnc Turning is on the lathe, using the rotary motion of the workpiece and the linear or curved motion of the tool to change the shape and size of the blank, and process it into the requirements of the drawings.

what is cnc mill?

cnc milling

Explanation of "CNC Milling"

Milling is to fix the blank and use a high-speed rotating cutter to cut the blank and cut out the desired shape and features.
Conventional milling is used more for simple contouring features such as milling contours and grooves. CNC milling machines allow for the machining of complex shapes and features.
The milling and boring machining center can perform three-axis or multi-axis milling and machining for machining, molds, inspection tools, tire tools, thin-walled complex curved surfaces, artificial prostheses, and blades. When selecting the content of CNC milling, the advantages and key functions of CNC milling machine should be fully utilized.
Turning is used to machine the parts of the rotary body, and the parts are clamped on the spindle of the machine through the three-clamp chuck, and rotated at a high speed, and then the cutter is used to follow the busbar of the rotary body to cut out the appearance of the product.
The lathe can also be machined with internal holes, threads, bites, etc., the latter two being processed at low speed.
                                  ------The difference between machining and turning
5 axis cnc milling&turning combined machine

CNC Milling Distinguish

The main processing objects suitable for CNC milling are the following types: plane profile parts, variable bevel parts, space surface contour parts, holes and threads, etc.
  • Curve contours on workpieces, straight lines, arcs, threads or spiral curves, especially curve contours such as non-circular curves and list curves given by mathematical expressions
  • A spatial curve or surface of a mathematical model has been given.
  • Although the shape is simple, the size is large and the parts are difficult to detect.
  • The inner cavity, the inside of the cabinet, etc., which are difficult to observe, control, and detect when processed by ordinary machine tools.
  • Holes or planes with strict dimensional requirements.
  • A simple surface or shape that can be processed in one setup.
  • The general processing content that can effectively improve productivity and reduce labor intensity by using CNC milling.

CNC Milling Distinguish

CNC MILLING is a common metal cold working method. The difference between cnc turning and milling is that the tool rotates at high speed under the spindle drive during milling, and the workpiece is relatively static.


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