Monday, June 10, 2019

What effect does cnc processing particularly rough on parts?

With the continuous development of the processing industry, the things we use must be processed before they can be finished. The processing is to use the machine to reduce the flaws of the product. CNC machining is one of them, so the cnc processing is particularly rough. What are the consequences?

Cnc part processing

1. Affect the wear resistance: the rougher the surface of the CNC product is processed, the smaller the effective contact area between the outer surface and the outer surface, the greater the pressure, the greater the frictional resistance and the faster the wear.
cnc machining

2. Influencing the stability of the fit: For the clearance fit, the rougher the appearance, the easier it is to wear, so that the gap is gradually increased during the working process; for the interference fit, the microscopic peaks are flattened due to the assembly. Small practice effective interference, reducing the strength of the connection.

cnc machining

3. Affecting fatigue strength: The appearance of rough parts has large troughs. Like sharp corner notches and cracks, they are sensitive to stress concentration, which affects the fatigue strength of the parts.

cnc machining

4. Affect the corrosion resistance: the appearance of the rough parts makes it easy for corrosive gases or liquids to penetrate into the inner layer of the metal through the microscopic valleys on the outer surface to form external corrosion.

cnc machining

5. Affect the sealing: the rough outer surface cannot be closely fitted, and the gas or liquid leaks through the gap between the contact faces.

6. Affect the contact stiffness: The contact stiffness is the ability of the separation surface of the part to resist contact deformation under the action of external force. The stiffness of the machine depends on the contact stiffness between the parts at a large level.

cnc machining

7. Influence measurement accuracy: The appearance roughness of the measured surface of the part and the measuring surface of the measuring tool will directly affect the accuracy of the measurement, especially in the case of fine measurement.cnc machined parts.

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