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How does the CNC machining center process parts?

CNC machining is not only used for large-volume parts processing, but also for small-volume parts and high-precision parts. CNC machining is flexible and highly automated. It is especially suitable for machining curves with complex contours, curved parts, and complex boxes with a large number of holes and grooves. The prismatic parts are used in many varieties and small batches. Processing can achieve high economic benefits.
cnc machining

 The processing of cnc processing technology is basically the same as ordinary processing, but it has its own characteristics. Therefore, when designing the numerical control machining process of the parts, it is necessary to follow the CNC machining flexibility and high degree of automation. It is especially suitable for processing curves with complex contour shapes, curved parts, and complex boxes with a large number of holes and grooves. In the case of multi-variety and small-volume production, the use of CNC machine tools can achieve high economic benefits.

cnc machining

The cnc machining center determines the tool point and the tool change point. The tool point is the starting point of the tool movement relative to the workpiece during NC machining. Since the program is also executed from this point, the tool point is also called the program start point or the starting point. The choice of the tool point position should be considered first when programming.
cnc machining

When the machining accuracy is not high, some surfaces on the workpiece or on the fixture can be used directly as the tool face. When the machining accuracy is high, the tool point should be selected on the design basis or process reference of the part, such as hole positioning. For the part, it is more appropriate to take the axis of the hole as the tool point.
cnc machining

The tool point must have a certain coordinate relationship with the positioning reference of the workpiece to determine the relationship between the machine target and the workpiece coordinate system. The choice of the tool point should facilitate the calculation of the coordinate values ​​and make the tooling convenient.

cnc machining
When the tool is set, the tool point should be coincident with the tool point. The so-called knife position, for the flat end mill refers to the intersection of the tool axis and the tool bottom; for the ball end milling cutter is the ball center of the ball head; for the turning tool is the tool tip; for the drill bit is the drill tip; The wire electrode cutting machine tool refers to the focus of the wire electrode axis and the part surface.

cnc machining
Pingtejing CNC machining center reminds everyone that when changing the tool during the machining process, the tool change point should be specified. The position of the tool change point should be based on the principle of not hurting the workpiece, fixture and machine tool during tool change. set up. Do not blindly change the props, which may cause damage to the equipment.


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