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What are the tools used for 5-axis CNC machining?

Among various types of CNC machining, five-axis CNC machining can be said to be a high-tech CNC machining type. In the 1980s and 1990s, five-axis CNC machining was listed as a strategic material. There were extremely strict restrictions on exports and imports. It is conceivable how high the five-axis CNC machining was at that time. Today, five-axis CNC machining still has a strong influence, and it is still irreplaceable in the processing of various high-end technology parts.

Although there is no clear requirement for the five-axis CNC machining in the selection of the tool magazine, we always choose a better tool magazine when selecting the tool magazine for five-axis CNC machining. This is based on the choice of five-axis CNC machining features. The workpieces processed by the five-axis CNC machining are generally very complicated, and the requirements for precision are extremely high. The selection of the tool magazine and the tool directly affects the machining efficiency of the five-axis CNC machining and the quality of the machined workpiece, so the tool magazine for five-axis CNC machining Choice is a problem that cannot be ignored.

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When selecting a tool magazine for five-axis CNC machining, we need to choose a better tool magazine and more sophisticated tools. A good magazine is based on the type and brand of the magazine. For example, a five-axis VMC850 CNC machining, our optional magazine type has a bucket type tool magazine and a knife arm type tool magazine, then we choose to use the knife arm type tool magazine. As for the brand of the tool magazine and the tool, it is a matter of opinion.

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Five-axis CNC machining can make large vertical CNC machining, or it can be small vertical CNC machining. However, the two CNC machining magazines only have the choice of bucket type and arm type. Generally, we can't see the five-axis CNC machining. To the bucket magazine, very few people will use the bucket magazine on the five-axis CNC machining. The five-axis high-speed CNC machining tool magazine type is different from ordinary CNC machining. The tool magazine used for high-speed CNC machining is the tool arm type and the same-moving tool magazine. Generally, the same-moving tool magazine is better, and the tool change speed is faster. The same is true for the drill center. In the clip arm magazine and the flying saucer magazine, the clip arm type and the arm type tool magazine are not much different. The flying disc type tool magazine is faster than the clip arm type tool magazine. The general magazine capacity is larger than the clip arm magazine, which can meet the needs of most customers.


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