Thursday, June 27, 2019

Exactly how to improve the accuracy of cnc machining?

Now every person has a mobile phone in their hands, but they hardly ever notice the back cover of the smart phone. The back cover is made from high-precision cnc light weight aluminum. The cnc machining accuracy is very high. How to improve the machining accuracy of cnc? Listed below, discuss with you four methods to enhance the precision of cnc processing
Most of us know that a person of the indications for testing CNC machining is machining precision. Exactly how do we guarantee the precision of cnc machining when we are standardizing? The standard system is the test cutting method. This technique can make certain that the mistake is within the affordable control array, but it is difficult and the manufacturing efficiency is not high. It is generally utilized for single-piece small batch manufacturing. The mass production of cellphone coverings, while preserving high accuracy CNC machining, it is essential to readjust the family member setting of device devices, fixtures, workpieces and also tools to acquire the needed dimension to achieve the function of ensuring batch processing accuracy. Then, in order to make certain the processing accuracy, which processes should be changed ahead of time?
First, enhance the rotation accuracy of the bearings of CNC equipment tools. When improving the precision of the rotation, high-precision rolling bearings, multi-oil dynamic stress bearings, and also hydrostatic bearings can be chosen. At the exact same time, the precision of the bearing devices is boosted, such as enhancing the machining accuracy of the assistance hole of the box and also the spindle journal, to ensure that the pin turning precision is not reflected on the workpiece.

Second, control the thermal contortion of the process. The cnc machining facility is a high-speed cutting handling equipment. A huge quantity of warmth is created during the handling. The warm generation of the heat source as well as the isolation of the warmth source should be decreased, and also the heat treatment process for removing the inner stress must be included. The dimension of the machining mistake shows the handling accuracy, and also the error is greater. The reduced the machining accuracy, the smaller the error and also the greater the machining precision.

Third, reduce the transmission chain transmission mistake transmission system ought to maintain the variety of transmission components is small, the transmission chain is short, the transmission accuracy is high, the use of speed reduction transmission is an essential means to make certain the transmission accuracy, as well as the closer to the end of the transmission pair, the transmission proportion need to be The smaller sized the end item, the higher the precision of the end item than the other drive components.

4th, reduce the tool wear of CNC machine tools. Before the tool puts on sharply, the device must be re-worn and one of the most special cutting oil ought to be selected for full lubrication. The tool product must fulfill the process needs.

The above are four methods to improve the machining precision of the cnc machining facility, which can greatly improve the accuracy of cnc machining. These are the experiences collected by Xiaobian for many years, and I will share it with you.


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