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How to determine the amount of CNC machining cutting? What are the processing principles?

Correct selection of CNC machining cuttings is a major part of the CNC machining part cutting principle course. Metal machining has three basic principles:

cnc machining

1. CNCmachining feed rate
F mainly depends on the surface roughness requirements of the workpiece. When finishing, the surface requirements are high, and the amount of the cutter is small: 0.06-0.12mm/spindle per revolution. When roughing, it can be larger. It is mainly determined by the tool strength, generally 0.3 or more. When the tool main back angle is large, the tool strength is poor, and the feed amount cannot be too large. Also consider the power of the machine, the rigidity of the workpiece and the tool. The NC program uses two types of feeds: mm/min, mm/spindle per revolution, and the units used above are mm/spindle per revolution. If mm/min is used, the formula can be converted: the feed per minute = each Turning tool amount * Spindle revolutions per minute.

cnc machining

2, cutting speed
To select the spindle revolutions per minute, you must first know what the cutting line speed V should take. Selection of V: ​​depends on tool material, workpiece material, processing conditions, etc.
Processing conditions: roughing, V is lower; finishing, V is higher. The rigidity of the machine tool, workpiece, and tool is poor, and V is low. If the S used by the NC program is the number of spindle revolutions per minute, then S:S (spindle revolutions per minute) = V (cutting line speed) * 1000 / (3.1416 * workpiece) should be calculated according to the workpiece diameter and the cutting line speed V Diameter) If the NC program uses a constant line speed, then S can directly use the cutting line speed V (m/min)

cnc machining

3, eating knife depth
For cnc finishing, it is generally possible to take 0.5 (radius value) or less. When roughing, depending on the workpiece, tool, and machine condition, the general small lathe (maximum machining diameter is 400mm or less) is turned on the 45th steel in the normalized state, and the depth of the cutter in the radial direction is generally not more than 5mm. In addition, it should be noted that if the spindle shifting of the lathe is using ordinary variable frequency speed regulation, when the spindle rotates at a very low speed per minute (less than 100-200 rpm), the motor output power will be significantly reduced. Depth and feed can only be achieved very small.cnc machining.


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