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Cnc processing turning amount how to choose

The specific value of the cutting amount during cnc machining should be determined by simulation method according to the machine tool performance, relevant manual and practical experience. At the same time, the spindle rotation speed, the back-feeding amount and the feed speed can be adapted to each other to form an optimum cutting amount. So how do you choose the amount of turning in the actual application process? What are the principles?
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(1) When roughing, first consider selecting a large amount of back-feeding knife ap, secondly selecting a larger feed amount f, and finally determining a suitable cutting progress v. Increasing the amount of backing knife ap can reduce the number of passes, and increasing the feed rate f is beneficial to chip breaking. Therefore, it is advantageous to select the roughing amount according to the above principles to improve production efficiency, reduce tool consumption, and reduce Therefore, it is advantageous to select the roughing amount according to the above principles to improve production efficiency cost.
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(2) When finishing the car, the cnc machining accuracy and surface roughness are required to be high, and the machining allowance is small and uniform. Therefore, the smaller (but not too small) backing knife amount ap and the feed amount f are selected, and the cutting is selected. High performance tool material and reasonable geometric parameters to maximize cutting speed v.

(3) When arranging coarse and fine turning, pay attention to the range of allowable cutting amount given by the cnc machining center manual. For the CNC lathe with AC frequency conversion speed regulation, the torque of the spindle is reduced at low speed, especially the cutting amount selection at this time.
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The above three points are the principle that cnc processing is the amount of cutting. As a skilled operator, the cutting amount should be reasonably distributed to ensure the working efficiency of the cnc machining services china.


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