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What is the difference between horizontal and vertical machining?

Nowadays, the common equipment in CNC machining equipment is the CNC horizontal machining center and the CNC vertical machining center. These two devices can provide high-precision machining operations when in use. In actual use, CNC There is a world of difference between horizontal machining centers and CNC vertical machining centers. Many operators don't understand the difference between these two devices, so it is easy to cause confusion. What are the differences between CNC vertical machining centers and CNC horizontal machining centers?

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One: different processing range
Nowadays, the CNC horizontal machining center, which is common in the market, has a spindle in a horizontal state and can effectively perform a rotary motion, so that the box-like parts can perform better when installed and manufactured. The professional CNC vertical machining center has a shorter distance between the robot arms, so it has better effect on some small parts, but it is less effective for large box parts, so consumers can choose according to their own production. Different machining centers are selected by different part types.

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Two: different ease of use
The high-quality CNC vertical machining center can effectively ensure the relevant staff to observe the machining effect of the parts in the processing room through the transparent cabinet and professional design operation interface. The structure of the CNC horizontal machining center is more complicated and covers the area. Larger, not easy to observe when measuring parts. These two machining center products feel a big gap when they are used, so consumers can choose the right machining center according to their own habits and pre-judgment of the parts.

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The above is the difference between the CNC vertical machining center and the CNC horizontal machining center introduced by Xiaobian, and I believe that consumers can better distinguish the two products according to their own judgment when using. It is believed that the above-mentioned comparison-related consumers can easily see that the high-quality CNC vertical machining center has better operating experience and superior operational precision, and these two unique advantages ensure the CNC vertical machining center. Get better results in actual part machining operations. The difference between these two products makes them meet the processing requirements of more products, bringing different processing experiences to the related parts manufacturing.

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