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Cnc Machining Custom Magnesium and Magnesium Alloys Flight aircraft parts-PTJ hardware factory

magnesium aircraft parts

Magnesium, the world’s lightest structural metal, is a silvery white material weighing only two-thirds as much as aluminum.Use cnc machining services change magnesium structure to complete project.
The general magnesium aircraft parts machining process is to change the shape, size, relative position and nature of the production object on the basis of the process, so that it becomes a finished product or a semi-finished product. It is a detailed description of each step and each process, for example, as mentioned above. Roughing may include blank manufacturing, sanding, etc. Finishing may be divided into cars, fitters, milling machines, etc. Each step requires detailed data, such as how much roughness is to be reached and how much tolerance is to be reached.
  • Product name:magnesium aircraft parts
  • No+Color:Silver
  • Surface treatment:oxidation
  • Product material: magnesium alloy
  • Proofing cycle:7 days(100000 pcs/M)
  • Application: aircraft parts
  • machining factory:PTJ
  • Product Category:aircraft hardware parts
  • Production Process:milling machine processing
  • Size:According to the drawings
PTJ hardware specializes in the production of metal parts processing manufacturers. At present, the company has 25 high-speed drilling and attack centers, the processing precision can reach 0.005mm, and the tool can be automatically changed during processing.
The processing efficiency is very high, so you don't have to worry about not being able to deliver on time. The problem is that the processed products are wide-ranging and reliable in quality, covering various parts such asmagnesium aircraft parts, electronics, automobiles, toys, communications, office supplies, etc., and various types of products with lengths of 0.5MM-600MM.
And can manufacture all kinds of fixtures, jigs, special knives, etc., excellent products and services, so that our products serve many companies and industries at home and abroad, and won the praise of our customers.

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