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What are the effective ways for CNC machining to operate the knife?

With the rapid development of the industry, there are many CNC parts processing around us, which proves that the development prospects of this industry are still possible, otherwise there will not be so many use, then in the process of operation Many steps are very important, so what are the effective ways for CNC machining to operate the knife?

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1. Jog to the knife

The cnc processing equipment presses the jog key on the control panel to touch the surface of the workpiece (the X and Z directions are jogged twice), the counter is cleared, and then retracted to the initial position to be set ( X, Z design initial value), and then clear to get the initial position of the knife. The initial position of each knife is determined in turn, and then adjusted to the exact design position (starting point) after trial processing. This method can be operated without any aids, but it takes a long time, especially if it is re-adjusted once every time the tool is ground.

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2. Using the tool setting instrument

Now many lathes are equipped with a tool setting tool. Using the tool setting tool can eliminate the error caused by the measurement, which greatly improves the accuracy of the tool setting. Since the tool setting instrument can automatically calculate the tool length and the tool width of each knife. The difference is stored in the system and only requires a standard knife when machining additional parts, which saves time. It should be noted that there is no standard tool for the tool with the tool setting tool. For the tool, the standard tool is used first. The disadvantage is that the tool setting instrument needs to be added with the tool setting instrument, which has high cost and difficult loading and unloading.

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3. Using CNC tools

After the cnc machining tool is installed for the first time, it will wear after cutting for a period of time and need to be sharpened. The position of the tool tip re-installed after the ordinary tool is sharpened changes, and the tool needs to be re-aligned. The characteristic of the CNC tool is tool manufacturing. High precision The positional repeatability after the indexing of the blade is about 0.02mm, which greatly reduces the tool setting time. At the same time, the blade is coated with a metal layer (Sic, Tic, etc.) to greatly improve the durability, but the cost is also a bit high.

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4. Use the pair of knife to set the knife, using the self-made knife method

The simple tool holder made of plastic, plexiglass, etc. can easily realize the repeated positioning after the sharpening of the tool, but the positioning accuracy is usually 0.2~0.5mm, which is a fast positioning method. It will be very convenient soon.



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