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What is the CNC machining production process?-PTJ hardware factory

What is the CNC machining production process?

The production process refers to the whole process of converting raw materials into finished products. For example, to manufacture a machine, the production process should include production preparation, blank manufacturing, machining and heat treatment of parts, assembly, quality inspection and commissioning, painting and packaging. Obviously, the production process can be the production process of a machine. It can also be the production process of a part or component; it can also be the production process of a factory or the production process of a workshop.

cnc machining

What is the CNC machining process?

The process is to change the shape, size, relative spell and nature of the production object, making it a semi-finished product. The process is the main process in the production process. The rest of the labor process is the auxiliary process in the production process.

cnc machining

The CNC machining process is the part of the process that takes place in the machine shop. The cnc processing process of a part is usually various, and it is necessary to analyze and compare according to the requirements of the product and the specific production conditions, and select one of the most reasonable machining processes for production. The machining process consists of one or several sequential processes, consisting of installation, station, step, and feed (also called pass). The blanks are sequentially passed through these sequences to become finished products.

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