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When these problems occur in CNC machining, they have to be dealt with-PTJ hardware factory

CNC machining, CNC machining index control machine tool is programmed by CNC machining language. However, whether it is a simple CNC machine tool or a full-function CNC machine tool, or a machining center, there are more or less phenomena such as machine tool loss and dimensional instability, which makes the operator confused, so when CNC machining occurs Question, what do you do?

Auto metal parts

First, the workpiece is cut:
the reason:
1, the knives, the tool strength is not too long or too small, resulting in the tool knives.
2. The operator is not working properly.
3. The cutting allowance is not uniform. (eg: 0.5 on the side of the surface and 0.15 on the bottom)
4, improper cutting parameters (such as: too much tolerance, SF set too fast, etc.).
1, the principle of using the knife: can be big or not, can be short or not long.
2, add the clear angle program, the balance should be as even as possible, (the side and the bottom of the balance remain the same).
3. Reasonably adjust the cutting parameters, and round the corners at the large margin.
4, using the machine tool SF function, the operator fine-tuning the speed to achieve the best results in machine cutting.

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Second, the problem:
the reason:
1. The operator is not accurate when operating manually.
2. There are burrs around the mold.
3, the rod is magnetic.
4. The four sides of the mold are not vertical.
1. Manual operation should be carefully checked repeatedly, and the points should be at the same height as much as possible.
2. Use a whetstone or a trowel to remove the burr around the mold and wipe it with a rag. Finally, confirm with your hand.
3. Before the mold is divided into the middle, the rod will be demagnetized first (the ceramic can be used to separate the rod or other).
4, the school table to check whether the four sides of the mold are vertical, (the verticality error is large and the fitter review program).

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Third, the problem of the knife:
the reason:
1. The operator is not accurate when operating manually.
2. The tool is clamped incorrectly.
3. The blade on the flying knife is wrong (the flying knife itself has a certain error).
4. There is an error between the R knife and the flat knife and the flying knife.
1. Manual operation should be carefully checked repeatedly, and the knife should be at the same point as much as possible.
2. Use a wind gun to blow clean or rag to clean the tool when it is clamped.
3. A blade can be used when the blade of the flying knife is to measure the arbor and the bottom of the light.
4. A separate tool setting program can be used to avoid the error between the R knife and the flat knife.

Machinery parts

Fourth, the collision machine - programming:
the reason:
1. The safety height is not enough or not set (the knife or the chuck hits the workpiece when the G00 is fed quickly).
2. The tool on the program list and the actual program tool are written incorrectly.
3. The tool length (blade length) on the program sheet and the actual machining depth are wrong.
4. The depth Z-axis fetch and the actual Z-axis fetch are wrong on the program list.
5. The coordinates are set incorrectly during programming.
1. Accurate measurement of the height of the workpiece also ensures that the safety height is above the workpiece.
2. The tool on the program list should be consistent with the actual program tool (try to use the automatic program list or use the picture to output the program list).
3. Measure the depth of the actual machining on the workpiece. Write the length of the tool and the length of the blade on the program sheet (the general tool holder length is 2-3MM higher than the workpiece, and the long edge avoidance is 0.5-1.0MM).
4. The actual Z-axis number on the workpiece is written clearly on the program
sheet. (This operation is usually written manually for repeated checks).

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V. Collider - Operator:
the reason:
1. Depth Z axis tool setting error •.
2. The number of hits and the number of operations are incorrect (for example, the unilateral fetch does not have a radius of the feed, etc.).
3, use the wrong knife (such as: D4 knife with D10 knife to process).
4, the program went wrong (such as: A7.NC took A9.NC).
5. The handwheel is turned in the wrong direction during manual operation.
6. Press the wrong direction during manual rapid traverse (eg: -X press +X).
1. The depth Z-axis tool must pay attention to the position of the knife. (bottom, top, analysis, etc.).
2. Repeat the inspection after the number of hits and the number of operations are completed.
3. When installing the tool, it should be repeated after checking the program and program.
4, the program should go one by one in order.
5. When using manual operation, the operator must enhance the operation proficiency of the machine tool.
6. When moving manually, you can first raise the Z axis to the top of the workpiece and move it.

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Sixth, surface accuracy:
the reason:
1. The cutting parameters are unreasonable, and the surface of the workpiece surface is rough.
2. The cutting edge of the tool is not sharp.
3. The tool is too long and the blade is too long.
4, chip removal, blowing, oil is not good.
5, programming the way of the knife, (you can consider taking the down milling as much as possible).
6, the workpiece has burrs.
1. Cutting parameters, tolerances, margins, and speed feed settings should be reasonable.
2. The tool requires the operator to check from time to time and replace it irregularly.
3. When the tool is clamped, the operator is required to clamp as short as possible, and the blade should not be too long.
4, for the flat knife, R knife, round nose knife undercut, the speed feed setting should be reasonable.
5, the workpiece has burrs: the root of our machine tools, tools, the way of the knife has a direct relationship. So we need to understand the performance of the machine and make a knife for the burr.

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     The above for this problem in CNC machining, how do you deal with the summary of the point stone hardware, the current CNC machine tool is more and more widely used due to its unique flexible technology features, its role has become more and more significant .

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