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Automatic Lathe Machining, Stainless Steel Machine Tool More Difficult Than Ordinary Machine Tool

cnc machine shop china, there is no absolute difficulty in machining, and it is the problem of cutter and program in the last analysis. If the cutter is usually not selected properly and programmed properly, it will directly cause the tool to become rapidly scrapped, thus breaking the spindle. Because this is a complex problem with many factors, using a manual machine tool reduces the cost risk, but requires less precision and shape.

cnc machine shop china

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Improving Production Efficiency Method of Automatic Lathe Machining

Auto Lathe Engineering process two machine equipment, most of the vital parts of the processing technology broke throughout the traditional application concept, and also its particular high speed extraordinary cnc aluminum parts program has broken or cracked through the classic structural design and style.

cnc aluminum parts

 In general, the structural style of the machine application is based on numerous high speed multiple blade exceptional forming application and procedure oriented, satisfy the processing stop of the entire production set, process and production step balance quality and the requirement of precision and stability. cnc machining brass, accuracy and quality, material properties of the technical parameters of the parts, each treatment station of the specific technical requirements of the process is decomposed into technical indicators alone, control system of mechanical structure is relatively simple, stable and reliable. We need to apply high speed machining technology, in the information age, automatic lathe machining, we must have 4 basic knowledge of science and technology: blank manufacturing technology, high speed tool technology, high speed machine tool technology, production skill database.


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General Principle of Precision Machining

PTJ is a CNC processing manufacturer and a manufacturer and supplier of precision mechanical parts. Here we talk about some basic principles of precision machining:
CNC processing manufacturer

processing base level

cnc  machining parts , because the placement of surface should be processed out firstly, so can provide a fine benchmark for the follow-up process as soon as possible. This is known as “the baseline first”

CNC processing manufacturer

The division of digesting stage

 Surface require high quality processing demand, is divided into roughing, semi-finishing and finishing three stages generally. This is mainly  ensure cnc machining  quality, and conducive to the use of equipment. This is easy to set up heat treatment process and facilitate to find out rough defects.

CNC processing manufacturer


 Intended for the box, mount, connecting fishing rod and other parts, you should highly processed plane first of all, then procedure the hole. Not only does this can assure the position finely-detailed of the airplane and pin, but likewise bring comfort for refinement hole over the plane.

CNC processing manufacturer

some. Finish the method. Grinding, Focusing, rolling digesting should be placed in the final stage of the process. Surface smoothness after digesting should above Ra0. 8um, a slight crash will be damaged surface. After finishing process, we must use velvet to get protection, hand or other objects directly contact is usually not allowed completely, this is to avoid damage because of process between transportation and installation.


Five Process Effects of Precision Machining

Like a China Finely-detailed Machined Parts Supplier, We wish to talk about The procedure effect of accuracy machining.

Five Process Effects

[1] the geometric form and shared position consistency of the parts are approximately micron or angular second level; [2] the limit or characteristic size tolerance with the part is definitely below micron;

[3] the surface roughness of parts (average surface area roughness difference in height) is less than 0. 1 micron;

[4] mutual parts can satisfy the requirements of combining ability;

[5] a few parts may also meet the requirements of correct mechanical or other physical characteristics;

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for influence of tolerance on cnc machining

Generally speaking,cnc machining drawings will be dimensioned according to the machining method and assembly precision requirements to select the appropriate IT tolerance level. Tolerances means the acceptable range of dimensions and are determined by the engineer according to the shape, fit and function of the part which represents the manufacturing precision requirements of parts and reflects the degree of machining difficulty. So , what is the influence of tolerance on cnc machining?

CNC milling

1 . Material

When tolerance requirements are very tight, it is important to determine which material to use for machining. Aluminum is actually soft when compared to steel and alloy resources, which is not simple to control with respect to tight tolerances. Similarly, synthetic and POM materials are difficult to control tight tolerances compared to metals.

cnn machining

2 . Production technique

Tight tolerances require the production division to constantly debug the equipment and test the production process during the production process. For example , a simple drilling hole must be converted to CNC milling as it was more stringent than regular tolerances.
CNC milling

several. Cost

The more elaborate a product is, the more effort it needs to be spent. Trial and error cost, labor cost and time cost will certainly all increase due to tight tolerance. However , as a professional CNC machining shop, we have no fear of clients' tight tolerance requirements for products. We hope to show our professionalism and quality under such circumstances.

Teach you how to choose the right material for the CNC processing plant

Determining the best material can affect the functionality and cost of the component. The following are important tips for choosing fabrics from the cnc processing plant.

cnc processing plant


The utilization of parts is among the determining elements. Products employed as overseas equipment need to be protected against corrosion. Parts used for daily rinsing need rust safeguards, such as stainless. Products used by aerospace appliances have wonderful requirements to materials.


If there is a requirement for fat, Standard metal alloys just like 6061 are excellent low thickness options.

Tensile strength (ts), material solidity and slip on resistance as well regard while the referrals of choosing elements.

cnc processing plant


The feasibility and overall cost of the task are also strongly related to the material. The more elements you use, the greater the cost. For example , special elements and durable materials. Selecting the most appropriate material can impact the function and cost of a component. In previous content, we shared the The most recent? Material? Tendencies for? CNC? Machining in 2019. Follow this advice of consider for choosing the material.


The use of metal parts is one of the determining factors. Products used as offshore equipment should be corrosion resistant. Parts used for daily flushing require rust protection, such as stainless steel. Products used in aerospace machines have different requirements for the purpose of the material.

cnc processing plant


If there is a requirement for excess weight, Standard light weight aluminum alloys like 6061 are good low denseness options.

Ultimate tensile strength, material firmness and don resistance likewise regard for the reason that the work references of choosing substances.


The feasibility and overall expense of the job are also strongly related to the material. The more resources you use, the higher the cost. For example , special materials and sturdy materials.


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