Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The focus of fine blanking die technology products and technology development

1. Research on key technologies for design and manufacture of continuous precision die for complex parts

    Continuous fine blanking dies for complex parts is the leading basic technology of fine blanking technology. With this as the leader, research is expected to drive the substantial improvement of fine blanking technology in China. Taking the synchronizer ring, clutch plate, longitudinal composite continuous fine blanking process and continuous fine blanking of complex parts such as molds as breakthroughs, we have studied the key technologies of fine blanking mold design and manufacturing, and realized the rapid improvement of fine blanking mold technology in China. National gaps.
The focus of fine blanking die technology products and technology development

2. Research on life improvement of fine blanking die and related key technologies

    Mold life is a comprehensive reflection of the level of mold materials, small arts and supporting products. Taking the life of fine blanking molds as the leader to launch technical research can not only solve the problem that the long life of fine blanking molds that are urgently needed in China is too low, but also drive mold materials, fine blanking Technological development of processes and supporting tooling and other auxiliary products.

3. Research and development of fine blanking-precision forging composite process technology

    Fine blanking and fine forging are two advanced manufacturing technologies developed in parallel. Fine blanks are too thick and require precision forging. Fine forgings must be fine blanking. The two are closely related and closely related. The basic idea of ​​developing the fine forging-fine blanking composite process is to find the combination of these two processes (such as gear parts with hubs and cam parts with short shafts), and precision forging in China has a long history and the level is already very high It is a good way to improve the overall level of fine blanking technology in China

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