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Hitachi LMG6400PLGR

Hitachi LMG6400PLGR
#LMG6400PLGR Hitachi LMG6400PLGR New HITACHI 5.1 inch LCM 240×128 Monochrome No B/L CPU, LMG6400PLGR pictures, LMG6400PLGR price, #LMG6400PLGR supplier
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Manufacturer HITACHI
Model Name LMG6400PLGR  
Screen Size 5.1 inch
Screen Type LCM,   STN-LCD
Pixel Number 240×128   50PPI
Arrangement Rectangle
Active Area(mm) 119.97 × 63.97 (H×V)
Outline(mm) 159.4 × 101 (H×V×D)
Contrast Ratio 3:1 (Typ.) (RF)
Viewing Angle 40 (Typ.)(CR≥1.4, Φ2-Φ1) Left / Right / Up / Down
Response 250/300 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) ms
Good View at 6 o'clock
Work Mode STN, Blue/Grey (Positive), Reflective
Color Depth Monochrome  BacklightNo B/L
Used for Industrial
Refresh Rate 75Hz 
120Hz (60HZ Input) : Embedded MEMC Circuit
120Hz+120Hz : 120Hz Panel+120Hz Backlight
240Hz (60HZ Input) : Embedded MEMC Circuit
Touchscreen Without
Signal Type 8-bit parallel 20 pins
Voltage Supply 5.0V (Typ.)
Max. Ratings Storage Temp.: -20 ~ 60 °C    Operating Temp.: 0 ~ 40 °C    ; Vibration Level: 2.0G (19.6 m/s²)
LMG6400PLGR inverter, LMG6400PLGR power supply, LMG6400PLGR electronic board, LMG6400PLGR VGA board, LMG6400PLGR touchscreen available.


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