Saturday, September 25, 2021

Semikron SKKT92B14E

Semikron SKKT92B14E
#SKKT92B14E Semikron SKKT92B14E New Thyristor SCR Module 1.4kV 2kA 7-Pin Case A-48 , SKKT92B14E pictures, SKKT92B14E price, #SKKT92B14E supplier
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Heat transfer through aluminium oxide ceramic isolated metal baseplate Hard soldered joints for high reliability UL recognized, file no. E 63 532 Typical Applications: DC motor control (e. g. for machine tools) AC motor soft starters Temperature control (e. g. for ovens, chemical processes) Professional light dimming (studios, theaters) SKKT92B14E 
Thyristor SCR Module 1.4kV 2kA 7-Pin Case A-48


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