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Sharp LM018HT

Sharp LM018HT
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4.9 cm [1.9 inch] display size
High contrast
[Transmissive mode: 25, reflective mode: 16]
Transflective 256-color display
High chroma (Color area), 2 times greater than before
The built-in white-LED backlight realizeslow power consumption. [2.5 mW, waiting mode]
Dot format (H x V) 128 x RGB x 160 dot
Duty ratio 1/82
Pixel pitch (H x V) 0.24 x 0.24mm
Backlight type White LED
Active area (H x V) 30.7 x 38.4mm
Power consumption 2.5*3mW
Panel typeGF color*1
Overall dimensions (W x H x D) 40.4 x 53.7 x 5.15mm
Panel mode Transflective
Weight 14g
Contrast ratio 25 : 1/16 : 1*2
Operating temperature 20 to +70°C
Response time 350ms
Storage temperature-30 to +80°C
LM018HT inverter, LM018HT power supply, LM018HT electronic board, LM018HT VGA board, LM018HT touchscreen available.


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