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Idle vehicle maintenance measures

The idle rate and idle time of cars in common people’s homes are getting higher and longer. First, people’s income levels have increased, but car prices have fallen, so the number of vehicles has increased, and the situation of multiple cars in a family has become more and more common; second, the road environment has not been able to develop simultaneously with the increase in vehicles , The traffic congestion situation is becoming more and more severe. At the same time, the limitation of parking spaces and the soaring gas price are also damaging people’s enthusiasm for driving out. Third, the bus system in big cities has become huge and complete over the years, plus government subsidies. , Bus travel is not only convenient, but also inexpensive. In view of the above three reasons, although there are more and more private cars, more of them have become short-term means of transportation for people to travel on holidays. People may be more inclined to take public transportation during most working hours. As a result, from as short as a week to as long as several months, many cars have become regular customers in the garage. Of course, we agree with public transportation, which is a green and environmentally friendly way of travel, but we also have some worries about vehicles that have been placed in garages for a long time. Because if the parking is improperly maintained and parked in the garage, it may hurt the car more than driving on the road all the year round! So, you have kept a car for thousands of days, and you have used it for a while, have you learned how to park correctly?

1. Pick a safe nest for your car

The terrain should be flat

Careful car owners will consider many factors when parking, such as preventing the car from being scratched and preventing it from being exposed to the sun, but ignores an important point, that is, the ground conditions. In order for the car to park in a safe or shady place, some car owners often choose road teeth or sites with serious bumps on the road surface. As everyone knows, this may hurt the car. Although a qualified car body has high rigidity, it will actually be constantly deformed due to the impact of the road surface. Once the body is deformed, the vehicle will not be obedient. Its handling and stability have a serious impact. If the vehicle is parked on some uneven ground for a long time, the four-wheel drop will be too large, which will cause distortion to the frame over time, and even affect the normal opening and closing of the door. Compared with most injuries, the deformation of the body frame is the most irreversible symptom of vehicle aging.

Therefore, if the vehicle is parked for a long time, please choose a suitable parking place to ensure that the four wheels of the vehicle are on the same plane. The situation of single-wheeled roadside climbing should be avoided as far as possible.

Beware of falling objects

In the scorching summer, if there is no underground parking lot, many car lovers will work hard to find a shade or eaves for their car. Indeed, parking your car under a big tree or under the eaves can protect your car from exposure to the sun, but not everyone knows the hidden risks.

Trees are great to enjoy the shade. This applies not only to people and cars, but also to birds. Flocks of birds on the big tree metabolize to their heart’s content, excrement falls from the sky, and vehicles parked under the tree are inevitably caught. Don’t underestimate bird droppings. Even after cleaning, the acidic ingredients it contains can easily leave permanent stains on the car paint. Another memorial parked under the tree is resin. Not only is it more acidic, it is difficult to remove even without special cleaning fluid, and the damage to the paint is obvious.

Another parking restricted area is the eaves, and the danger comes from man-made. The dirty water from the mop upstairs, the food dregs that fell unintentionally, and even the beer bottles that were thrown away maliciously… The uncivilized understanding of society will be carried out in the process of cleaning and touch-up in your disappointment. Relatively speaking, the car is not so afraid of the sun. If there is no parking space that can be shaded, just park in the sun.

2. Make adequate preparations before stopping

The fuel tank has as little oil as possible

There are two indicators in the quality index of gasoline, the actual gum quality and the induction period, which represent the stability of gasoline. If gasoline is stored for too long, it will be severely oxidized and form gum. Glue can make the valve sticky and not close tightly. At high temperatures, it decomposes into carbon deposits and deposits on the cylinder wall, piston crown, and cylinder head, which can cause poor engine operation, cause knocking and increase wear. However, don’t worry too much, this is the consequence of severe deterioration of gasoline. In fact, storage in the fuel tank for ten and a half days will not cause much change, and it will definitely be within the license index, and it will not cause any impact on the engine. However, if it is parked for several months, the oil should be drained, or the oil should be kept as little as possible. In addition, in order to slow down the deterioration of oil products, the vehicle should be parked in a dark, cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

Inflate the tires as much as possible

Parking for a long time without moving will cause local pressure on the tires, which may cause the tires to become unusable over time. The best way to avoid this situation is of course to periodically adjust the position of the tires during the parking phase to disperse the continuous pressure on the local tires. If there is no such condition, then it is also a way to inflate the tire as much as possible before parking. The higher the tire pressure, the smaller the compression of the tire wall. After long-term parking, the local deformation of the tire will naturally be Smaller. This is also one of the reasons why the tire pressure of the new commodity car is always so high. However, it should be noted that the tire pressure cannot exceed the upper limit of the manufacturer’s limit value when inflating the tire.

The battery is disconnected to prevent running electricity

After parking for a long time, it is difficult for a normal vehicle to ignite. I believe many netizens have encountered this situation. The battery is automatically charged when driving, and the battery will be consumed when the vehicle is idle. However, the model, use time and type of the battery of each car are different, and the consumption situation is also different, so you should according to your own battery situation. Do check.

When the vehicle is not in use, check the battery every two weeks. For example, check the height of the electrolyte. Generally speaking, the electrolyte level of the battery must be 10-15mm higher than the plate. If it is insufficient, add distilled water in time. The owner can ask a friend or family member to help take care of the vehicle, and let the vehicle start for 5-10 minutes to charge the battery every other week or two. At the same time, it can also check whether the vehicle has other problems.

If you can't find someone to help take care of the vehicle, you can also unplug the negative terminal of the battery and power off the battery, so that there will be no power consumption. Just remember to connect the electrode when restarting.

Reasonable protection against trauma

Before parking for a long time, if the parking position is not so ideal, we should also protect the vehicle appropriately. For example, in order to reduce the erosion of vehicle interiors by ultraviolet rays in the sun, we should cover the inner side of the front and rear windshields of the vehicle with blackout curtains and pull up the sunroof on the inner side of the sunroof. In addition, if the parking location is likely to be rubbed by other passing vehicles, please mark the conspicuous location, such as placing reflective buckets around the vehicle to remind other drivers.

Some drivers are eager to wear a car and like to wear a car jacket for vehicles parked outdoors. This is actually not recommended, because in a windy outdoor environment, the car jacket can easily be blown away, and the car jacket and the body will rub against the body for a long time. It is easy to cause damage to the body. Therefore, the expert’s suggestion is to wax the vehicle once before parking for a long time outdoors. The active ingredients in the wax can reduce the damage caused by the ultraviolet rays in the sun, and the painted surface after waxing is also more resistant to rain. The erosion of acidic substances.

3. Regular maintenance during parking

Regular ignition

In order to keep the vehicle anti-theft and other facilities working, not every car owner is willing to disconnect the vehicle battery before parking the vehicle for a long time, but during the long-term parking period, the continuous discharge of the battery can easily cause the battery to lose electricity. Once the vehicle is started, the battery will be damaged in serious cases-every over-discharge will cause irreversible damage to the battery. Therefore, during the parking period, you can not move the car, but it is best to start the car every few days and let the car run at idle speed for more than ten minutes, which not only allows the engine to be fully lubricated by the oil, but also serves as a battery Charge some to prevent the battery from over-discharging.

maintenance rubber

Rubber products on automobiles, such as tires and sealing strips on the sides of doors and windows, are easily affected by changes in sunlight and humidity and exhibit premature aging symptoms, resulting in deterioration of performance and shortened service life.

The aging of rubber products is mainly due to the fact that rubber is an unsaturated polymer hydrocarbon, which is easy to absorb oxygen in the air and oxidize. At the same time, vulcanized rubber has certain air permeability, and oxygen can easily enter the interior to cause oxidation. In order to avoid the premature aging of rubber materials, we should properly maintain tires and other sealing rubber materials during parking. In fact, it is very simple. The tire protective waxes sold everywhere can protect and moisturize rubber materials.

Appropriate displacement

If possible, long-term parked vehicles should be able to travel a certain distance regularly. Even if it is only a slow driving in the parking lot for more than ten minutes, the battery on the car can be charged, the engine and transmission can be fully preheated and lubricated, and local deformation of the tires caused by long-term parking can be avoided. Therefore, even if you are out of town, you can ask a friend to do it for you and let your car go out regularly.

eliminate moisture

For cars that have been parked for a long time, keep the metal surface clean. The garage where vehicles are parked should always be ventilated to keep the relative humidity of the air below 70%. The dust, dirt and moisture on the car should be removed in time. The rusty parts and the surface of the machine parts should be coated with oil, grease or wrapped up with greased paper. The pores on each assembly mechanism should be sealed to prevent air, moisture and dust from entering the interior.

The humidity of the cabin must also be controlled as much as possible, otherwise it will easily cause mildew of the interior parts after long-term parking. We can use a special desiccant to control the humidity in the cabin, of course, there are also some soil methods: put some old newspapers in the car, they have the function of absorbing the moisture in the cabin.

4. There are four steps to prepare before activation

fully charged

If the battery still loses power after being parked for a long time, it is not recommended to ignite the cart even if it is a manual transmission vehicle. After all, the engine and transmission of the vehicle are seriously lacking in lubrication after long-term parking. At this time, if you use a cart to ignite It is bound to cause obvious wear and tear on the engine and transmission. So, if the battery has no ability to start the engine, then remove the battery and charge it, or start it with the battery of another vehicle.

Improve fuel

As mentioned earlier, fuel also has a shelf life. If it is parked for too long, the deteriorated fuel will contaminate the oil circuit and the engine. Therefore, we recommend to minimize the amount of fuel in the fuel tank before stopping. After the vehicle is used again, neutralizing the old oil that has been accumulated for many days with a large amount of fresh fuel will not have a significant impact on the vehicle. Of course, you can choose to use some reliable fuel additives. These additives can not only improve the performance of spoiled fuel, but also have a certain cleaning effect on the vehicle’s engine and oil circuit. This is perfect for vehicles that have been parked for a long time.

Change the oil

Like gasoline, the engine oil of a vehicle that has been parked for a long time is also prone to deterioration. Therefore, after the vehicle is reactivated, the oil should be changed in time for the vehicle. Of course, the oil filter should also be replaced at the same time. Long-time parking, the oil remaining in the oil filter will age or even dry up, which will seriously affect the filtering effect of the oil filter. Therefore, the oil should be replaced at the same time. Replace the oil filter.

clean car

While paying attention to the condition of the car, we must not neglect our own health. A vehicle that has been parked for a long time, especially a vehicle that has been parked for a long time in the south, is bound to be damp and humid. After a long period of “fermentation”, the toxins and molds in it will have a great impact on the human respiratory tract! Therefore, in the first time after the vehicle is activated, what we need to do is to ventilate the vehicle, open the windows and doors, and let all the accumulation in the compartment radiate. If possible, expose it to the sun for a period of time, and use ultraviolet rays to completely eliminate those. Mold. Air-conditioning pipes should not be ignored either. Long-term parking, the humid air has long filled the air-conditioning pipes with mold, so you will smell a disgusting sour smell when you turn on the air conditioner. At this point, you need to turn on the air-conditioning heater to ventilate the air-conditioning pipes with the maximum air volume, but if the odor persists, you may have to go to a professional auto beauty shop to steam the air-conditioning pipes.

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The rapid development of the domestic automobile industry has driven the lubricant market


As the rapid development of the domestic automobile industry has driven the rapid growth of the lubricant market, from the perspective of the product structure of the production plant, it mainly produces three oil series of internal combustion engine oil, hydraulic oil and gear oil, and its output accounts for the total output. This also reflects the current consumption structure of lubricants in China. From the quality point of view, although the proportion of medium and high-end lubricants in China has been steadily increasing in recent years, the proportion of medium and high-grade products in finished lubricants is basically, but the proportion is still far from that of developed countries. Demand forecast The lubricating oil market is closely related to the demand for oil in industries such as automobiles, machinery, and transportation. The entire machinery industry accounts for a quarter of the national industrial output value. The development and progress of the machinery industry is accelerating, requiring high-grade lubricants that meet the requirements of high mechanical load, long life, low fuel consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

According to the development plan of the relevant department, combined with the investigation of the department’s oil equipment, the domestic demand for lubricants. The development of lubricants in China High-quality base oils are the basis for the production of high-end lubricants. The base oils are mainly vacuum wax oil, catalytic wax oil, hydrogenation tail oil and other widely used distillate oils. These distillate oils can be used as lubricating base oils, as well as high-quality catalytic feeds, reforming materials and ethylene raw materials. . Most domestic lubricants are produced in large refineries, and their base oil supply is optimized to provide the most reasonable fractions after optimizing the crude oil processing process. However, a considerable number of lubricant manufacturers rely on outsourced base oil production. Because refineries will not specifically optimize the process for them, it is difficult for such lubricant plants to purchase high-quality base oil raw materials. This is also China’s low-grade lubricants. One of the main reasons at present.

Crude oil is a low-pour-point naphthenic crude oil with low sulfur and low wax content. The lubricating oil produced has a low viscosity index. It has the characteristics of heavy distillate, high density, high viscosity, low freezing point, etc. It is the best raw material for the production of some special lubricants. The low freezing point naphthenic lubricants produced with it can be used as electrical oils and refrigeration oils. , Rubber industry oil, cylinder oil and lubricating grease, etc. The lubricating base oil of crude oil not only has a higher yield than paraffin-based base oil, but also has a shorter process, resulting in lower production costs than paraffin-based base oils. The raw material of lubricating oil base oil produced by crude oil is not only of good quality, but also of low cost, which has strong market competitiveness. China's oil resources are becoming increasingly scarce. How to use resources reasonably and effectively based on the quality of China's crude oil is a problem worthy of study and optimization.

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Classification introduction of automobile reducer

There are two types of automobile reducer commonly used, single-stage and double-stage, which are arranged horizontally or vertically on the axle housing. The automobile reducer housing with two drive axles has two types: through and non-through. The through-type reducer shell is divided into two types: single through and double through. The reducer housing of some segmented axle housings is integrated with the middle section of the axle housing.

Heavy-duty trucks and mining dump trucks are required to have a larger reduction ratio and a larger ground clearance in order to adapt to multiple uses and complex road conditions. The heavy-duty vehicles produced by some foreign automobile manufacturers use planetary gear wheel reducers and bevel gear planetary wheel reducers. The advantage of this wheel-side reducer structure is that it has a smaller outline size to obtain a larger speed ratio, and it can be arranged inside the wheel. The materials of foreign reducer shells are gray cast iron, ductile iron, malleable cast iron and aluminum alloy.

A digital programmable controller is used on both automatic lines, and a rotary power head is used to adapt to the hole processing of various reducer shells and covers at different positions. An automatic inspection and compensation device is also set on the inner hole station of the fine wok.

In the multi-segment automatic line processing, the boss plane of the bearing cover is milled first, and then the second connecting surface of the reducer shell is processed. This plane is used as the positioning reference to process the flange end surface and outer circle, stir the bearing hole, and mill the inner end surface. , Drilling and tapping bearing cap bolt holes, drilling oblique oil holes, cutting internal threads, etc., clean and inspect after *. After installing the bearing cover, machine the earring hole and the oil injection hole from the rough, semi-finished, and refined shaft tube mounting holes at both ends. *After finishing the two pairs of bearing holes and the inner end faces of the driving bevel gear and differential assembly. For automotive parts and parts machining, PTJ Shop offers the highest degree of OEM service with a basis of 10+ years experience serving the automotive industry. Our automotive precision shop and experts deliver confidence. We have perfected the art of producing large component volumes with complete JIT reliability, backed by the quality and long-term reliability our customers expect.

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Causes and preventive measures of automobile oil leakage

In the use of automobiles, oil leakage failures often occur, which will directly affect the technical performance of the automobile, cause the waste of lubricating oil and fuel, consume power, affect the cleanliness of the car, and cause environmental pollution. Due to oil leakage and the reduction of lubricating oil inside the machine, the machine parts are poorly lubricated and insufficiently cooled, which will cause early damage to the machine parts and even leave hidden accidents.

1. The main causes of common vehicle oil leakage

1. Product (accessories) quality, material or workmanship is poor; there are problems with structural design.

2. Improper high-speed assembly, unclean mating surface, damaged gasket, displacement or failure to install in accordance with operating regulations.

3. Uneven tightening force of the tightening nut, breakage of the sliding wire or looseness and fall off, etc. cause work failure.

4. After long-term use, the sealing material wears out excessively, deteriorates due to aging, and becomes invalid due to deformation.

5. Too much lubricating oil is added, the oil level is too high, or the wrong oil is added.

6. ​​Parts (side covers, thin-walled parts) on the joint surface are flexed and deformed, and the shell is damaged, causing the lubricant to seep out.

7. After the vent plug and the one-way valve are blocked, due to the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the case, oil leakage will often occur at the weak seal.

2. Measures to prevent vehicle oil leakage

1. Pay attention to the role of cushioning. The gasket between the parts of the stationary part of the automobile (such as each joint end face, each end cover, shell, cover cushion, flat enamel cover, etc.) plays a role of leak-proof sealing. If the material, production quality and installation do not meet the technical specifications, the sealing and leak-proof function will not be achieved, and accidents may even occur. For example, the oil pan or valve cover is difficult to compact due to the large contact area, which causes oil leakage. When disassembling, pay attention to proper placement, check carefully, and assemble according to specifications.

2. All kinds of fastening nuts on the car must be tightened according to the specified torque. If the packing is too loose or not tight, the gasket will leak; if it is too tight, the metal around the screw hole will bulge or the thread will be slipped and cause oil leakage. In addition, if the oil drain plug of the oil pan is not tightened or loosened, it is easy to cause oil loss, and then the machine damage accident of “burning bushes and holding shafts” will occur.

3. Replace the failed oil seal in time. Many moving parts (such as oil seals and O-rings) on the car will be mis-installed, causing the journal and the oil seal cutting edge to be out of concentricity, swaying and throwing oil. Some oil seals will lose elasticity due to the aging of the rubber when they are used for a long time. Any leakage should be updated in time.

4. Long-term use of automobile parts will cause excessive wear (such as pistons and cylinders, etc.), which will cause high-pressure gas in the combustion chamber to escape into the crankcase and force the oil to leak. Therefore, when the exhaust gas at the fuel filler cap is serious, the worn parts should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

5. Avoid blockage of check valves and vent valves. This causes the temperature in the tank to rise, and the oil and gas fill the entire space and cannot be discharged out of the canal, which increases the pressure in the tank and increases the consumption of lubricating oil and shortens the replacement cycle. After the engine ventilation system is blocked, the movement resistance of the piston is increased and fuel consumption is increased. Due to the difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of the case, it often causes oil leakage at the weak seal. Therefore, the vehicle needs to be inspected, dredged, and cleaned regularly.

6. ​​Properly solve all kinds of oil pipe joint sealing. Vehicle union nuts are often disassembled and assembled, which are easy to slip and loosen; the accuracy of the two joints’ bell mouths is poor, and the center lines of the two cones do not overlap and the contact is poor; the tapers are different and do not match, which will cause oil leakage. . Replace the union nut, use the grinding method to solve the conical surface seal, and make the nut compact to solve the seal.

7. Avoid wheel hub slinging oil. Too much lubricating grease in the hub bearing and cavity, or improper oil packaging, poor quality and aging failure; excessive temperature of the hub caused by frequent braking; loose axle nuts, etc., will cause the hub to throw oil. Therefore, it is useful to use the “cavity lubrication method” to dredge the vent holes, strictly select high-quality accessories, and perform assembly and high-speed according to process specifications.

Three, the main points of vehicle maintenance

Assemble under extremely clean conditions, without bumps, scratches, burrs and other attachments on the working surface of the parts; strict operating procedures, seals should be installed correctly to prevent deformation in place; master the performance specifications and use requirements of seals , Replace the failed parts in time; for side cover thin-walled parts, cold sheet metal correction is used; for the easily worn shaft hole parts, metal spraying, welding repair, gluing, machining and other processes can be used to achieve the original factory size; Use sealant as much as possible. If necessary, paint can be substituted to achieve the desired sealing effect; the nut should be repaired or replaced with a new part if the screw is broken or loose, and screwed to the specified torque; the appearance quality of the rubber seal should be carefully checked before assembly; use Special tools are press-fitted to avoid knocking and deformation; add lubricating grease according to regulations, and regularly clean and dredge the vent and one-way valve. As long as the above points are achieved, the problem of vehicle oil leakage can be completely cured.

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Oil-air lubrication of high-speed spindle bearings

The use of <strong>electric spindle</strong> is the basis of high-speed machining, especially for high-speed machining machine tools, the good operation of <strong>electric spindle</strong> is especially important. The establishment of possible problems is detected as early as possible to avoid the problems from expanding. Choosing a highly reliable <strong>oil-air lubrication device</strong> is one of the key factors to improve bearing life and operational reliability. Traditional grease lubrication is simple and easy to use, but it is suitable for low-speed spindles. The use of <strong>electric spindles</strong> will restrict the processing speed and accuracy. If you choose thin oil lubrication, the problem of spindle temperature rise cannot be ignored, and it is also easy to pollute the environment. <strong>Electric spindle</strong> The oil-air lubrication technology uses gas-liquid two-phase flow to deliver lubricating oil to the position of the bearing rolling elements through compressed air, which can meet the requirements of high-speed operation of the electric spindle. <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Air-air lubrication timing and quantitative: Timing is to give oil per unit time, and quantitative is the amount of lubricating oil accurately transported by the micro-pump. Too much or too little oil will cause over-lubrication and under-lubrication, too much will cause too much heat when the electro-spindle rotates, and too little oil will not get a good lubrication effect, so timing and quantification are very important! Compressed air can take away the heat generated on the high-speed electric spindle and play a cooling role. In practical applications, compressed air needs to be dried and filtered to remove moisture and dust impurities. <br /> The advantages of using oil-air lubrication for high-speed electric spindles: <br /> 1. Improve processing efficiency, machining accuracy, and electric spindle life; <br /> 2. Oil-air lubrication belongs to micro-lubrication, which saves energy; <br / > 3. The compressed air takes away heat and plays a very good role in cooling the bearing; <br /> 4. It can realize ultra-high-speed operation; <br /> 5. The working environment is not demanding, and in the harsh dust environment, It can also exert its effect better when polishing and grinding;<br />

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Good extreme pressure resistance


The performance of gear oils for heavy-duty vehicles. Good anti-corrosion and cleaning performance. Because the working environment of heavy-duty vehicles is generally poor, the dust and sewage in the environment are easily brought into the lubricating oil, and the temperature of the lubricating oil is high during the operation of the vehicle, which may cause complex problems. The chemical reaction produces acidic substances. In order to prevent the gear from being affected by the acidic substances in the oil and the sludge generated by the deposition of insoluble substances, the gear lubricant must have a good anti-corrosion and cleaning effect. Good extreme pressure resistance The extreme pressure performance of lubricants refers to the maximum load that the lubricant can withstand when it does not cause scratches or seizures during the pressure bearing process. Under normal operating conditions, the gear is in the state of elastic hydrodynamic lubrication of lubricating oil, but when the car is started under heavy load, climbing or encounters an impact load, a considerable part of the gear surface contact area will be in a state of boundary lubrication , The better the extreme pressure resistance of the lubricating oil, the higher the tooth surface load and impact load it can withstand. Good thermal oxidation stability The working temperature of the gear oil is high during the operation of heavy-duty vehicles. If the thermal oxidation stability of the gear oil is not good, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will increase, and the formation of sludge will affect the fluidity of the oil and produce acidity. Corrosive substances accelerate the corrosion of metals, and the polar deposits produced will also adsorb polar additives, causing the additives to precipitate out of the oil along with the deposits. These deposits will age and harden the rubber seals, and will also cover the surface of the parts. It affects heat dissipation, so gear oils for heavy-duty vehicles must have good thermal oxidation stability.

The main role of heavy-duty vehicle greases. Heavy-duty vehicle greases are mainly used to smoothly lubricate the chassis parts, universal joints and wheel bearings of vehicles, protect these parts from corrosion and wear, and at the same time, it can also play a role to a certain extent. The role of heat dissipation and vibration reduction. The performance of grease for heavy-duty vehicles The grease used for the chassis of heavy-duty vehicles requires good pressure resistance, water resistance and strong adhesion, while the grease used for hub bearings and other parts requires excellent mechanical properties. Stability, thermal oxidation stability, extreme pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.

For automotive parts and parts machining, PTJ Shop offers the highest degree of OEM service with a basis of 10+ years experience serving the automotive industry. Our automotive precision shop and experts deliver confidence. We have perfected the art of producing large component volumes with complete JIT reliability, backed by the quality and long-term reliability our customers expect.

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Hot summer car maintenance strategy

Nature: Fire
In addition to the hot weather, the aging of vehicle internal parts is also an important cause of spontaneous combustion of vehicles. Therefore, vehicle owners should be diligent in daily inspection and maintenance of vehicles.
Engine gasoline filter failure, wiring failure, power line aging, or long-distance overloading of the car causes the engine components to keep running and the temperature rises, which may cause the car to spontaneously ignite.
Fire extinguisher essential
The fire extinguisher is a necessary device for the car. However, many car owners do not understand the correct use of fire extinguishers, or never check whether the fire extinguishers are working properly, so that in the event of an emergency, they cannot carry out self-rescue. Therefore, vehicle owners should learn the correct use of fire extinguishers at ordinary times; if the vehicle is equipped with a dry powder fire extinguisher, it is best to go to the local fire fighting equipment store to check once a year, mainly to check whether the dry powder powder is agglomerated, and whether the pressure of the built-in nitrogen bottle that provides jet power drops, etc. .
No dangerous items left in the car
Lighters, perfumes, air fresheners, etc. in daily life are also dangerous goods that constitute car fires. If these goods are placed in the car, the vehicle may explode after exposure to the sun. Therefore, check the compartment before locking the car, and do not leave these dangerous goods. In addition, ordinary vehicles should try not to carry dangerous goods such as gasoline and diesel.
Don’t be nervous after danger
If the vehicle does spontaneously ignite, don’t be nervous. Most of the spontaneous combustion will have precursors: such as local smoke, burnt smell, etc. If the owner finds that the vehicle is abnormal, he should stop quickly and do not rush to rescue the property in the vehicle to avoid burns and scalds.
Many vehicles can extinguish spontaneous combustion in the early stage, but they often cause unnecessary losses due to the nervousness of the owners. After a fire occurs, you should report to the police as soon as possible under the premise of ensuring your own safety, and avoid panic because you try to make use of on-board fire extinguishers or other fire extinguishing equipment for initial remedial action.
*Good for spontaneous combustion insurance
For spontaneous combustion of vehicles, insurance companies generally have spontaneous combustion insurance, that is, additional spontaneous combustion loss insurance for vehicles, which stipulates that the insured motor vehicle is in spontaneous combustion if the fire is caused by the failure of its own electrical appliances, wiring, and fuel supply system during use. , If the driver is covered by spontaneous combustion insurance, the insurance company can pay for it.
Invasion of Water: Rain
In the scorching summer, heavy rains come at any time. The safety of driving on rainy days requires special attention, but the summary is nothing more than driving, wading, line of sight, tires and other key points.
take the lead
When driving on rainy days, try to use the second or third gear, and the speed should not exceed 40 kilometers per hour. When driving on rainy days, you need to pay attention to pedestrians on the road. The best way to avoid skidding on slippery roads is to drive slowly.
Avoid low tire pressure
Rainy driving will put higher requirements on the tires, and the depth of the tire pattern in the rainy season can be guaranteed to be more than 4mm. Because the tread depth is too low, it is easy to form a water film between the tread and the water surface, causing the car to run off, flick the tail and increase the braking distance.
Pass through the stagnant area at low speed and high speed
When passing through the stagnant area, you should use to block the vehicle and hold the throttle. You must not stop, change gears or make a sharp turn when passing through. Because once the car is turned off, the exhaust pipe will immediately flow back into the water, causing damage to the exhaust system. At the same time, the vehicle cannot drive too fast when wading. In addition, generally do not pass through the water depth below the center of the wheel or the exhaust pipe *best.
Solve the problem of unclear vision in time while driving
When driving on a rainy day, using the headlights will form a dazzling light curtain. Use fog lights instead. If fog is produced on the front glass and blur the line of sight, you need to turn on the cooling switch of the air conditioner and blow the glass with cold air. This can quickly make the line of sight clear. When the windshield appears foggy, you need to turn on the rear windshield heater to eliminate the fog as soon as possible. If the wiper does not sweep the water thoroughly and the rain sticks to the car glass, you can put the car wax map on the car window to make the glass surface wax Membrane, sight range.

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Inventory of the four major misunderstandings of lubricating oil change


Car lubricants are used very frequently during maintenance. In addition to protecting the engine and reducing the number of oil changes, high-quality lubricating oil can also save gasoline costs. In this season, we must also be careful not to cause car breakdowns due to improper use of lubricants. The “improper” use method generally stems from the four “misunderstandings” of car friends about lubricants.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Add more lubricating oil

The amount of lubricating oil should be controlled between the upper and lower marks of the oil dipstick. Because too much lubricating oil will escape from the gap between the cylinder and the piston into the combustion chamber and burn to form carbon deposits. These carbon deposits will increase the compression ratio of the engine and increase the tendency of knocking; the carbon deposits in the cylinder are red hot and easily cause pre-ignition. If they fall into the cylinder, they will aggravate the wear of the cylinder and piston, and will also accelerate the pollution of the lubricating oil. Secondly, too much lubricating oil increases the stirring resistance of the crankshaft rod and increases fuel consumption.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: When the lubricating oil turns black, it is time to change the oil

This understanding is not comprehensive. For lubricating oils that have not been added with a detergency dispersant, the darkening of the color is indeed a sign that the oil has been severely deteriorated, but the lubricating oil used in modern cars generally has a detergency decomposer added. This detergent will wash off the glue film and black carbon deposits adhering to the piston and disperse them in the oil to reduce the generation of high-temperature deposits in the engine. Therefore, the color of the lubricating oil will easily turn black after a period of use, but at this time The oil has not completely deteriorated.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Lubricating oil is often added and not changed

Always check that the lubricant is correct, but only supplementation without replacement can only make up for the lack of oil quantity, but cannot fully compensate for the loss of lubricant performance. The quality of lubricating oil will gradually decline due to pollution, oxidation and other reasons during use. At the same time, there will be some consumption, which reduces the number.

Misunderstanding XNUMX: Additives are useful

The real high-quality lubricant is a finished product with a variety of engine protection functions. A variety of additives have been included in the formula. Including anti-wear agents, and lubricants* pay attention to the balance of the formula to ensure the full play of various properties. Adding other additives by oneself will not only not bring additional protection to the vehicle. On the contrary, it is easy to react with the chemicals in the oil.

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Teach you how to choose a four-wheel alignment device from four aspects


At present, there are mainly two types of four-wheel alignment instruments on the market: conventional and advanced. The conventional two-wheel alignment has 2D four-wheel alignment and the more advanced 3D four-wheel alignment.

Types of four-wheel alignment

There are several types of four-wheel alignment devices, such as toe ruler, optical level locator, cable locator, CCD locator, laser locator, and 3D image locator. Among them, 3D, CCD and laser products are the three mainstream products on the market. 3D products are the most advanced four-wheel positioning on the market. The measurement method is advanced and the measurement time is only one-fifth of the traditional locator. It has gradually matured. .

Beijing exhibition, major four-wheel alignment manufacturers have shown V3D four-wheel alignment products, and V3D has become the biggest highlight of the exhibition. The major four-wheel positioning manufacturers have launched their own V3D products one after another, and the V3D market war is bound to begin immediately. The V3D measurement capability surpasses the optical sensor in an all-round way. In addition to calculating the four-wheel positioning angle, it can also calculate the wheelbase, wheel difference, wheelbase, axle difference, friction radius, steering trajectory and other functions. Moreover, the optical sensor has many after-sales and the operation is cumbersome.

The emergence of V3D is very likely to replace the market segment of medium and high-end optical machines. Four-wheel alignment is based on the four-wheel parameters of the vehicle, and it is adjusted to ensure good driving performance and certain reliability of the vehicle. The installation of the steering wheel, the steering knuckle and the front axle of the car has a certain relative position. This installation with a certain relative position is called steering wheel positioning, also known as front wheel positioning. The front wheel positioning includes four contents: kingpin caster (angle), kingpin inclination (angle), front wheel camber (angle) and front wheel toe. This is for the two steering front wheels, and for the two rear wheels, there is also the relative position of the installation with the rear axle, which is called rear wheel positioning. Rear wheel positioning includes wheel camber (angle) and toe-by-wheel toe. In this way, the front wheel alignment and the rear wheel alignment are collectively called four-wheel alignment.

The installation between the steering wheel, the steering knuckle and the front axle of the car has a certain relative position. This kind of installation with a certain relative position is called steering wheel alignment, also known as front wheel alignment. The front wheel positioning includes four contents: kingpin caster (angle), kingpin inclination (angle), front wheel camber (angle) and front wheel toe.

The role of the car in four-wheel alignment

1. Increase driving safety;

2. Reduce tire wear;

3. Keep the steering wheel upright when driving straight, and keep driving straight;

4. The steering wheel automatically returns to the right after steering; l Increases the sense of driving control;

5. Reduce combustion consumption;

6. Reduce the loss of suspension parts.

When the vehicle is used for a long time, the user finds that the direction of the vehicle is heavy, trembling, off-track, incorrect, out of position, or unilateral wear of the tire, wavy wear, block wear, eccentric wear and other abnormal wear, as well as abnormal wear when the user is driving. When the phenomenon of floating, bumping, swaying, etc. occurs, you should consider checking the wheel alignment value to see if there is too much deviation and repair it in time. The front wheel positioning includes four contents: kingpin caster angle, kingpin inclination angle, front wheel camber angle and front wheel toe. Rear wheel alignment includes wheel camber and toe-by-wheel toe. In this way, the front wheel alignment and the rear wheel alignment are collectively called wheel alignment, which is often referred to as four-wheel alignment. The role of wheel alignment is to keep the car stable in a straight line and steer lightly, and to reduce the wear of the tires and steering parts of the car during driving.

Kingpin angle

Looking at the wheel from the side, the kingpin (the center of rotation when the wheel turns) tilts backward, which is called the caster angle. After setting the caster angle, there is a distance between the ground point of the center line of the kingpin and the ground projection point of the wheel center (called the kingpin pitch shift, which is the same as the principle of the front wheel fork beam of a bicycle tilting backward). The grounding point of the wheel is located at the rear end of the extension line of the steering kingpin, and the wheel is pulled back by the rolling resistance during driving, so that the direction of the wheel is naturally oriented toward the direction of travel. Setting a large caster angle can improve the straight line.

King pin inclination angle

When the tire is viewed from the front and rear direction of the car, the kingpin axis is inclined to the inside of the car body. This angle is called the kingpin inclination angle. When the wheel rotates centered on the kingpin, the lowest point of the wheel will sink below the road surface, but in fact, the lower edge of the wheel cannot sink below the road surface. Instead, the steering wheel and the entire front of the car are raised to a corresponding height. In this way, the gravity of the car itself has the effect of returning the steering wheel to the original intermediate position, so the steering wheel is easy to reset. In addition, the inclination angle of the kingpin also reduces the distance from the intersection of the axis of the kingpin and the road to the intersection of the center plane of the wheel and the ground, thereby reducing the driver's force on the steering wheel during steering, making the steering easier and reducing The impact force transmitted from the steering wheel to the steering wheel. However, the inclination angle of the kingpin should not be too large, otherwise it will accelerate the wear of the tire.

front wheel camber

When the wheel is viewed from the front and rear direction, the tire is not installed vertically, but slightly tilted and opened in a “eight” shape, which is called negative camber, and when it is opened in the opposite direction, it is called positive camber. In the heyday of using diagonal tires, the camber angle was set to be relatively large because the tires were inclined to touch the ground to facilitate the operation of the steering wheel. Cars generally set the camber angle to be very small, close to vertical. Flat radial tires used in automobiles continue to spread. Due to the characteristics of radial tires (the tire pattern is rigid and the tread is wide), setting a large camber angle will cause the tire to wear out and reduce tire friction. Also, due to the continuous use of the power steering mechanism, the camber angle has been continuously reduced. Nevertheless, setting a small camber angle can apply appropriate lateral thrust to the wheel bearings on the axle.

front wheel toe

The toes point inward, the so-called “inner stilt foot” means that the left and right front wheels are inward respectively. The purpose of adopting this structure is to correct the outward rotation of the wheel caused by the aforementioned front wheel camber angle. As mentioned earlier, due to the camber, steering wheel operation becomes easy. On the other hand, due to the tilt of the wheels, the left and right front wheels rotate to the outside respectively. To correct this problem, if the left and right wheels have an inward angle, the positive and negative values ​​are zero, and the left and right wheels can keep straight and reduce tire wear. The above four positioning values ​​are indicators of front wheel positioning. The rear wheel positioning value is similar to the front wheel positioning value, but the rear wheel positioning of most cars is not adjustable.

What is the need for a four-wheel alignment device

If the data suggested in your vehicle manual is the same as the data in the four-wheel alignment computer, it is universal. Generally speaking, four-wheel alignment is required in the following situations. 1. After replacing a new tire or repairing in a collision accident; 2. Unilateral wear of the front and rear tires; 3. The steering wheel is too heavy or floating and trembling when driving; 4. When driving straight, the car runs to the left or right; 5. Although there is no above However, for maintenance purposes, it is recommended that the new car be driven for 3 months and then once every six months or 10,000 kilometers.

The benefits of four-wheel alignment

Four-wheel alignment is one of the necessary tasks for vehicle maintenance. Unless there are obvious problems related to it before the four-wheel alignment, such as poor straight running stability, etc., you can feel it immediately after the four-wheel alignment, otherwise it is difficult for you to judge whether it is good or not. Due to the uneven quality of the auto repair industry, the quality of maintenance varies greatly, so it is recommended that you try to maintain the quality of the four-wheel alignment and ensure the safety of driving. Its benefits are: 1. Enhance driving comfort; 2. Reduce gasoline consumption; 3. Increase tire service life 4. Ensure straight-line stability of the vehicle; 5. Reduce the wear of chassis suspension parts; 6. Enhance driving safety


Misunderstanding 1: Think that the four-wheel alignment is to adjust the toe of the front wheels “four-wheel alignment”

As the name implies, it is necessary to consider the positioning state of the four wheels of the car. Toe is an angle concept, which is technically called toe angle. In the past, when the maintenance master in the repair shop did not have technical data and wheel alignment equipment, he could only use his experience to measure the difference between the front and rear ends of the two front wheel diameters with a meter. It is the concept of length. In fact, the front wheels not only have toe angles, but also camber, kingpin casters, and kingpin inclination angles; the rear wheels also have toe angles, as well as main positioning angles such as wheel camber angles and propulsion angles. When doing four-wheel alignment, the positioning angle of the rear wheels is more important. The belief that “four-wheel alignment is to adjust the toe of the front wheels” is one-sided or even wrong.

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Misunderstanding 2: Wherever the fee is low, do four-wheel alignment

Since the beginning of the new century, with the rapid increase in the number of domestic vehicles, many domestic and foreign four-wheel alignment manufacturers have competed to occupy the market. Various forms of production and different quality positioners have sprung up to the market. This is unprecedented. Competition in the market has greatly reduced the profit margins of manufacturers and distributors. Positioner manufacturers with no intellectual property rights and no technical content are competing against each other. The relative popularity of locators has intensified the competition among maintenance companies, and many maintenance companies offer users a lower price. The low fees are not because the productivity of maintenance companies has increased, but more because of the low technical content and measurement accuracy of the equipment. In order to survive, some maintenance companies can only lack two things in positioning, and the positioning of vehicles is problematic. Naturally, there is no fundamental solution.

Misunderstanding 3: Practitioners lack the necessary knowledge

The majority of employees in four-wheel alignment maintenance companies are rarely able to receive professional knowledge and skills training, and most of them stay in the state of self-learning while doing.

Misunderstanding 4: Maintenance personnel omit key operations

To deceive users Most users know very little about four-wheel alignment. It is difficult to question when positioning a car’s wheel, and it is even more difficult to give their own opinions. Some maintenance personnel avoid the key positioning operation steps in order to reduce the workload when doing four-wheel positioning, which makes the positioning detection result far from the actual situation. In addition, some maintenance personnel are not responsible, and do not perform pre-positioning inspections before positioning, and even the cracks of the half-axle rubber sleeve and the lower swing arm hinge joint rubber sleeve cannot be detected in time or the user is not notified, which will cause the user to be more serious in the future. Loss, repeated positioning and repeated charges.

Misunderstanding 5: I think it is the same with what kind of four-wheel alignment device

The qualification of the four-wheel alignment mainly depends on the skill of the maintenance personnel and the quality of the locator. Domestic four-wheel alignment devices can be described as complete categories, ranging from low-end 20,000 to 50,000 yuan, mid-end 50,000 to 100,000 yuan, to high-end 100,000 yuan. The price of low-end products is cheap, but users respond to more problems: low technical content, poor accuracy, and high failure rate. The market share of mid-range products is relatively large and can basically meet the needs of general users. High-end products are mostly imported products with high-tech, some are world-renowned brands, and the technology is excellent. Its positioning software and hardware are complete, more humane, and more efficient, and solve more problems for enterprises and users. , It can not only complete excellent wheel alignment work, but also help diagnose chassis faults. Have better economic and social benefits.

How to choose a four-wheel alignment instrument

In the domestic market, there are many brands and types of four-wheel positioning equipment. Due to its relatively high technical content, many users do not know much about its technical performance and measurement principles. Faced with the diverse and intricate product introductions of manufacturers, they are often at a loss when purchasing equipment. The following provides some reference suggestions on the main aspects:

How to make a price-performance ratio

The price difference of four wheel positioning of different brands is extremely different. Since the country has no corresponding regulations on the production of four-wheel positioning products, domestic products are mixed. For example, although some brand equipment is equipped with a computer, the computer is only used for the management of model data. The sensor is not connected to the computer, and the sensor data cannot be The computer showed that the user was cheated after purchasing.

Some equipment is used as an imported flag to deceive users, and some equipment cut corners; some manufacturers use imported low-end sensors for simple assembly, and their lack of sensor maintenance technology makes users’ equipment failures unable to be timely and effectively eliminated: popular positioning equipment * cheap You can buy more than 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, while expensive equipment (generally speaking, imported equipment) costs hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. However, the price of imported equipment is relatively high due to factors such as tariffs and layered price increases by agents.

Different brands of equipment have different costs due to their advanced technology, production technology, configuration, etc., so the market sales prices are also different.

Technically, users can identify the technical performance of the equipment from the following aspects:

A, whether to use DSP technology

DSP or Digital Signal Processor (DigitalSignalProcessor) is a dedicated processor for high-speed real-time processing of digital signals, and its processing speed is 10-50 times faster than the fastest CPU. In the early days, DSP was mainly used in military products. Later, with the continuous development of large-scale integrated circuits and the continuous reduction of cost, it was gradually applied to civilian products. Because DSP has powerful computing power, the use of DSP in the sensor not only improves the data measurement speed and measurement accuracy, but also greatly improves the anti-interference ability of the measurement.

The four-wheel alignment products using DSP have the following characteristics:

Toe beam measurement has strong anti-light interference ability: In the four-wheel aligner that adopts light measurement, infrared or laser transceiver sensors are generally used to measure the toe beam data of the vehicle. Since sunlight or ordinary light sources have components with the same wavelength as the measured light, the data measured by light will be affected by this and deviate from the correct measurement result. For this reason, some positioning devices use filters to reduce the influence of external light, but they cannot completely eliminate the influence of external light. This is the reason why many four-wheel aligners need to draw the curtains when measuring under the sun. However, if you use curtains to block the outside light at night or in other weak light environments, it will be difficult to use curtains. If the DSP technology is used to modulate the measurement light line, the modulated infrared light has different characteristics from sunlight or other light sources, and the modulated measurement light is demodulated and filtered when receiving, so that it can be guaranteed The measurement result is not interfered by other light. The cost of DSP technology equipment for DSP is relatively high, and the price of advanced technology is relatively high.

B. Is the electronic level used?

In order to achieve the designed measurement accuracy, the popular four-wheel aligner must ensure that the four probes are always level at the same time during the measurement process. The non-level state of any probe may cause erroneous measurement results. For the four-wheel aligner that adopts the blister type indicator, the operator must pay careful attention to whether each probe is in a horizontal state, which not only distracts the operator’s energy, but also inevitably prevents mismeasurement. If an electronic level is installed on all four probes, the level status data of the sensor probes will be transmitted to the computer in time. The computer monitors the level data of each sensor probe and prompts the operator in time when a probe is not level. In this way, not only the work intensity of the operator is reduced, but also the mis-measurement operation is easily avoided. Among the imported equipment, the Hunter of the United States and Bossh of Germany have adopted electronic level in their positioning equipment, and their prices are also relatively expensive.


C. Is an electronic turntable used?

In the positioning parameters, the caster angle and the caster angle of the kingpin cannot be directly measured, and can only be measured indirectly based on the geometric relationship: turn the front wheel 20 degrees to the left and right, and measure the camber and caster angles respectively. Calculate the caster angle and the inclination angle of the kingpin according to a certain functional relationship. Therefore, the measurement of the caster angle and the inclination angle of the kingpin is closely related to the measurement of the steering angle. Steering angle When the steering angle is 20 degrees and 20.5 degrees, the relative error of the detected kingpin angle results is 2.39%, which far exceeds the requirements of the detection accuracy. It can be seen that the error of the turntable has a huge impact on the detection result. Therefore, the forthcoming national industry standard stipulates that in 2005, the four-wheel aligner must use an electronic corner plate. In addition, the use of the electronic corner plate greatly improves the automation of the measurement process and shortens the measurement time. All foreign high-end four-wheel aligners use electronic turntables.

D. Is the data communication method infrared or radio?

E. Transmission technology: The cost of radio communication equipment is higher than that of infrared transmission equipment; the 8-to-beam system is higher than the 6-to-beam measurement system, and the electronic level is higher than that of the water bubble type.

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F, measurement accuracy;

G, measurement repeatability;

H, measure the reaction speed.

In addition, equipment stability, repeatability, failure rate, maintenance price, etc. are also very important factors, but it is difficult to obtain this information from the manufacturer properly, correct and objective information, and users need to obtain it from the side.

After sales service

In the automotive inspection and maintenance products, the after-sales service of the four-wheel alignment device has a more important meaning, and the after-sales service content is more abundant and complex. Due to its relatively high price, timely maintenance services must be provided after the equipment fails. Due to its high technical content, only those manufacturers with technical development capabilities can provide the highest quality maintenance services. For manufacturers without technical capabilities, they often use the method of replacing large parts such as sensor probes and main control boards to repair customer equipment. Not only is the maintenance cost high, the user is unbearable, and the time is often not timely.

The operation of four-wheel positioning equipment is more complicated, and manufacturers are required to provide high-quality operation training services. For those users who are not very familiar with the car chassis, the manufacturer must also have the ability to locate the fault and adjust the car. In addition, due to the continuous emergence of new models, manufacturers are also required to update the vehicle positioning data in a timely manner.

In summary, users must carefully verify the manufacturer's after-sales service capabilities in the above-mentioned aspects before purchasing four-wheel alignment equipment.

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Five parts of the car need to be replaced from time to time

1. Change the engine lubricating oil from time to time

Under normal circumstances, the manufacturers of naturally aspirated engine models sold in China will require users to change the lubricating oil when driving 5000 km-15,000 kilometers, while the supercharged engine models require replacement when driving 5000 kilometers. If the car does not drive too much Or it has been in a stopped state, and it is best to change the oil every six months. Of course, if your environment and oil quality are good, you can extend the oil change interval and time appropriately.

2, replace the oil filter from time to time

The function of the oil filter element is to filter impurities, so it must be replaced with the oil. If it is not replaced, the oil will not be filtered, which will cause the internal parts of the engine to wear out due to the impurities in the oil.

3. Replace the air filter from time to time

If the filter element is severely clogged, the air intake resistance will increase and the engine power will decrease. At the same time, due to the increase in air resistance, the amount of gasoline sucked in will also increase, resulting in an excessively rich mixture ratio, which will worsen the engine’s operating state, increase fuel consumption, and easily produce carbon deposits. Usually, you should get into the habit of checking the air filter element frequently.

4. Change the brake oil from time to time

One characteristic of brake fluid is that it absorbs water in the air, and the brake hydraulic system must allow the brake fluid to communicate with the atmosphere in order to function normally. Over time, the brake fluid will absorb water and turn into bubbles at high temperatures. If air bubbles appear in the battery, the braking performance will decrease. Therefore, the brake fluid should be replaced on time by checking its quality and performance according to the climate, operating environment, seasonal changes and working conditions.

General recommendation: Replace every two years or when driving 50,000 kilometers, and remember when selecting and replacing brake fluids: Do not mix different types and brands of brake fluids. Due to different formulas, mixing brake fluids will cause brake fluid indicators to drop.

5. Replace the antifreeze from time to time

If the antifreeze fluid is not changed for a long time, its anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-scaling functions will be reduced, which will cause the cooling system to malfunction or even rust. Generally speaking, the antifreeze is generally replaced every 1.5 to 2 years.

The above five items of car maintenance seem to cost a lot of money, but the money is issued to avoid major failures and bring us serious losses. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary, and this is done so that it can better serve us.

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Automobile automatic transmissions require more careful care and maintenance

The traffic conditions in the city are getting worse and worse. Stop-and-go in traffic jams is exhausting for owners of manual-shift cars. Therefore, the light and trouble-saving automatic transmission car has almost become the first dazzle of most urban residents. Although the automatic transmission car is easy to use, but because the automatic transmission system is a very sophisticated assembly, especially the manual automatic transmission Its structure is even more complicated. Therefore, once the automatic transmission fails, it is very troublesome and expensive to repair. In view of this, automatic gearboxes need more careful care and maintenance.

Regularly check the transmission oil

A kind of lubricating oil called ATF is injected into the automatic gearbox. In addition to lubricating and cooling down, its role is to transmit the power between the engine and the gearbox. The working temperature of ATF oil is generally around 120 degrees Celsius, so the quality of the oil is very high, and it must be kept clean.

Always check whether the automatic transmission oil level is normal. The inspection method of automatic transmission oil is different from that of engine oil. The engine oil is checked in a cold state, and the transmission oil needs to be preheated to about 50°C, and then the gear lever stays in each gear for 2 seconds. Put it in the parking block. At this time, the normal oil level of the oil dipstick should be between the highest and lowest lines. If it is not enough, add oil of the same quality in time.

In general, whether it is a manual gearbox or an automatic gearbox, it is recommended to change the automatic transmission oil every 12 months or 20,000 kilometers. Some models have instructions for 24 months or 40,000 kilometers. However, the above is only a general recommendation. Due to the special conditions of Beijing’s vehicles, heavy sandy weather, road congestion, and poor air quality, it is recommended that vehicles should be inspected regularly and replaced with ATF in time.

Change the gearbox oil correctly

Generally, when replacing the automatic transmission oil, the screw in the oil bottom of the automatic transmission is usually removed to leak the old oil and then add new oil, but this can only replace about 30% of the new oil and 70% of the old oil. Still remaining in the gearbox. If the oil is changed by removing the oil pan, the oil change rate can reach 70%, which can actually ensure the health of the gearbox. However, the current better method of oil change is dynamic oil change. Special gearbox cleaning equipment is used. During the operation of the gearbox, the old oil is fully circulated and drained before adding new gearbox oil to change the oil. The rate is as high as 90%.

GM, Toyota, Ford and other brands of automatic transmissions have different friction coefficients, so ATF oils are different and cannot be mixed. Mixed use of ATF will cause damage to the friction lining of the gearbox, slipping of the clutch and brake, etc., and in severe cases, the friction lining will be destroyed.

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Does turning on the car’s air-conditioning and heating consume fuel?

In winter, there is a difference in temperature between morning and evening. When the temperature is colder at night, it is inevitable to turn on the car air conditioner to keep warm. Someone once asked whether turning on the car air conditioner would waste oil? Some people say no, because the refrigeration compressor of the air conditioner does not work, and the main energy consumed is the electric power of the electric fan, which is negligible. However, some people said that they would, and Master Sun, who was specially asked by the editor, asked him to explain it for us.

In fact, the person who said he was basically right, but not quite right. why? Now let me explain the relationship between heating air and fuel consumption.

The engine works normally and has certain requirements for the water temperature. Under normal engine operation, the water temperature is around 80°C to 95°C. If this temperature is not reached, the engine’s electronic injection system will increase the fuel injection volume and the idle speed will be relatively high. The heat of the heater comes from the water temperature. If the water temperature is not enough and the warm air is turned on or the warm air is turned on under the condition of long-term low-speed driving, it will cause the water temperature to drop or the temperature is not high enough, causing the idle speed to rise to accelerate the water temperature rise. High idle speed will increase fuel consumption. However, when the water temperature reaches the specified temperature and continues to operate at a high speed, the heating heat blown out by the heater at this time will no longer affect the normal operation of the engine.

Therefore, not all heaters do not consume fuel. Turning on the heater when driving at a low speed in the city or when the vehicle is just started will increase fuel consumption. Under high-speed driving conditions, it has almost no effect on fuel consumption!

In addition, the editor reminds: When the air-conditioning heating function is turned on, we usually use external circulation, that is, air intake from the outside of the car, and fresh air inside the car, but when the outside air is bad or a short time is required The internal circulation is used to achieve the ideal temperature in the car, that is to say, when the temperature inside the car is very different from the temperature outside the car, the internal circulation can be used in a short time, and the temperature inside the car can be adjusted quickly with the air conditioner.

internal circulation can improve the air conditioning effect, which is equivalent to reprocessing the indoor air, and the air conditioning effect is of course better. However, using the internal circulation for a long time will reduce the air quality in the car, which may make people feel dizzy. You should open the internal circulation for a while and use the external circulation for a few minutes to let fresh air into the car and improve the air quality. If the internal and external circulation switch of the air conditioner is a mechanical lever instead of a button, the lever can be placed in the middle of the internal and external circulation to allow an appropriate amount of outdoor air to enter, which can improve the air quality and improve the air conditioning effect. In addition, when the air conditioner is used for defrosting and defogging, it is effective to use the external circulation.

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Precautions for the use of calliper

Calliper has a variety of measuring modes, easy to operate, durable, versatile and low cost, can be said to be the most common measuring tool in the tool box. However, there are a lot of matters needing attention to the correct use of calipers. Let's start with the error factors that affect the measurement results.


Error component

When measuring with calipers, there are many factors that cause errors, such as parallax, error caused by structure not in accordance with Abbe principle, thermal expansion caused by temperature difference between calipers and workpieces, and so on. In addition, because the caliper has no constant pressure device, it is difficult to grasp the appropriate and uniform force measurement when measuring, which is another factor causing errors.

The structure of calipers does not conform to Abbe's principle


The structure of calipers doesn't conform to Abbe's principle

The reading number axis and measuring axis of calipers do not conform to Abbe principle because of different axes, so when using calipers, the root or tip of the claw is used to measure, there will be a risk of increasing the measurement error. When measuring, it should be noted that the measured workpiece should be as close to the ruler body as possible (reading number axis).


Read the parallax of the scale

Look directly at the cursor scale when checking that it is aligned with the main scale divider.

The difference height between the vernier and the main ruler scale surface is easy to cause reading error. As shown in the figure below, if the cursor scale is viewed from an oblique direction, the error shown in the figure ΔX will result. To avoid this effect, the JIS specification states that the step height (H) should not be greater than 0.3mm.



Bending of datum end face

The bending of the ruler that guides the ruler to slide will result in an error as shown in the figure below, which can be expressed by the same calculation formula as the error that does not conform to Abbe's principle.


Assume that the deformation caused by bending of the guide ruler is 0.01mm/50mm, and the tip of the outside diameter is 40mm to calculate:f=40mm×0.01÷50=0.008mm


The relationship between measurement and temperature

The body of the caliper is generally made of stainless steel, which has the same thermal expansion coefficient (10.2±1)×10-6/K as the iron metal. The influence of the material of the measured object, room temperature and the temperature of the workpiece on the measurement should be considered when measuring.


Precautions in operation

The calipers are very sharp, so the instrument must be handled with care to avoid personal injury.

Avoid damaging the scale of the digital caliper. Do not encode the identification number or leave other information with the electric pen.

Avoid damaging the scale of the digital caliper. Do not encode the identification number or leave other information with the electric pen.

Maintenance of sliding surfaces and measuring surfaces

Before using calipers, wipe away dust and dirt on sliding and measuring surfaces with a soft, dry cloth.


Check and calibrate the origin before use

Clip a clean piece of paper between your outer PAWS and slowly pull it out. Close the caliper and make sure the vernier scale (or display) is set to zero before using the caliper. When using digital calipers, reset the battery after replacing it (zero button).

Operation after use

After using the caliper, wipe off the water and oil thoroughly. Then, lightly smear with anti-rust oil and let dry before storing. Waterproof calipers, in order to prevent the occurrence of rust after use, also need to wipe the water calipers.


Storage Precautions

Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, low temperature and store in high humidity. If digital calipers are not used for more than three months, remove the battery before storage. Do not allow the outside measuring claw of the caliper to be completely closed during storage.


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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Introduction of parts in the car

Air filter: The function is to filter the dust and impurities in the air, allowing clean air to enter the engine, which is very important for the life and normal operation of the engine. If the air filter absorbs more dust and impurities, it will be blocked and affect the operation of the engine, so it must be replaced regularly. If you drive in a dusty place, such as a place with sandstorms, the replacement cycle of the air filter will be shortened.

Battery: Needless to say, it stores electrical energy. Generally lead batteries, the electrolyte is dilute sulfuric acid.

Brake fluid: Brake fluid as usual. Nowadays, the braking of a car is generally hydraulic, that is, the brake fluid is used as a medium to transmit the force of the brake pedal to the brake disc.

Ignition coil: Converts low voltage to high voltage, and generates electric spark through the spark plug below it, which ignites the fuel-air mixture and burns to do work.

Engine oil: Needless to say, this is mineral oil or synthetic oil that plays a role of lubricating and sealing. If the engine lacks the lubrication of oil, serious problems such as cylinder pulling and bushing will occur.

Power-assisted steering oil: At present, the steering assist of a car is generally still a traditional hydraulic assist. Since it is hydraulic, it needs an oil medium. Of course, some cars have begun to use electric power assistance, which is also the future development trend.

Antifreeze: circulate in the channel between the radiator and the engine cylinder. The liquid medium used to cool the engine is mainly water and additives. Because of its antifreeze function, it is called antifreeze.

Glass water: Everyone on earth knows that it is used for glass cleaning.

Oil dipstick: A ruler for detecting the amount of oil. When using, turn off the engine first, pull out the oil dipstick, wipe off the oil on it with a clean paper towel, and then plug it in and then pull it out. The oil level of the oil must be between the two upper and lower limit scales on the ruler. It can’t be less.

Fuse box: There are a lot of fuses for electrical equipment and relays. There are two fuse boxes in the small F, and the other is at the bottom left of the driver’s cab. See the instructions on the car for details.

Cars that can't be found by all means, can be found on the WeChat public platform. Car maintenance and repair

Air inlet: The inlet of the engine’s air intake. This is optimized. The position has been improved a lot. The air inlet position of the old car is relatively low. The engine is prone to water ingress when wading. The position of the air inlet is the limit of the car’s wading depth, which must not be exceeded. Once the engine gets water, the consequences are very serious~!

Electronic throttle: It is said that it is a throttle, but it has nothing to do with oil. It connects the intake manifold and the intake manifold, and controls the intake of the engine, so the correct term should be the electronic throttle. The engine control module calculates the fuel injection volume based on the intake air volume, so that the engine speed and output power can be controlled. There is also a cable throttle, which uses a cable to control the throttle opening. Although the power is directly not as lagging as the electronic throttle, the electronic throttle has high technology content and is fuel-efficient.

Intake Manifold: The branch of the intake manifold that branches from the intake manifold to each cylinder. Although it is a tube, it has technological content, such as a variable intake manifold.

Carbon canister valve: The canister absorbs gasoline vapor in the fuel tank. After the canister valve is opened, the engine will suck the gasoline vapor absorbed by the activated carbon in the canister into the intake pipe, and then participate in combustion. This is not only good for environmental protection, but also saves a little oil.

Gasoline Distributor: Distribute gasoline to various fuel injectors. The fuel injectors connected below it are blocked and invisible.

Detailed explanation: When the engine is working, there is always a part of combustible mixture and exhaust gas flowing into the crankcase through the piston ring, and the gasoline vapor flowing into the crankcase will be condensed, which will make the oil thinner and deteriorate the performance. The exhaust gas contains water vapor and sulfur dioxide. The water vapor condenses in the engine oil to form bubbles and destroys the oil supply. This phenomenon is particularly serious in winter; sulfur dioxide meets water to generate sulfurous acid, and sulfurous acid meets oxygen in the air to generate sulfuric acid. These acidic substances The appearance of not only deteriorates the engine oil, but also corrodes the parts. As the combustible mixture and exhaust gas rush into the crankcase, the pressure in the crankcase will increase, and the oil will leak out from the crankshaft oil seal, crankcase gasket, etc. The oil vapor lost to the atmosphere will increase the engine’s pollution to the atmosphere. The engine equipped with crankcase ventilation device can avoid or alleviate the above phenomenon. Therefore, the function of the engine crankcase ventilation device is: 1. Prevent oil deterioration: 2. Prevent leakage of crankshaft oil seal and crankcase gasket; 3. Prevent various Oil vapor pollutes the atmosphere. Crankcase ventilation includes natural ventilation and forced ventilation. Modern gasoline engines often use forced crankcase ventilation, also known as the PCV system. When the engine is working, the vacuum of the intake pipe sucks fresh air into the cylinder head cover through the air filter and air hose, and then into the crankcase through the cylinder head and the holes on the body. The fresh air in the crankcase is mixed with the crankcase gas and then enters the intake pipe through the cylinder head cover and the crankcase gas hose, and then enters the combustion chamber through the intake valve and is burned.

Fuel injector: The gasoline pressurized by the gasoline pump is sprayed out in the form of atomization. The hole of the fuel injection nozzle is very small, so that the gasoline can be better atomized, but it is also easy to block, so the fuel injection nozzle should be cleaned regularly. Nowadays, automobile engines are generally EFI. The so-called EFI is the abbreviation for electronically controlled fuel injection. The basic principle is that the engine control module calculates the best fuel injection timing and fuel injection quantity based on the information of each sensor, controls the fuel injection nozzle, and injects gasoline to the end of the intake manifold, which is then sucked into the cylinder by the engine and burned to do work. Different from the traditional carburetor engine, the electronic fuel injection engine can more accurately control the fuel quantity, good atomization, full combustion, and it brings excellent performance. My space information is updated every day, and it can save fuel. However, advanced technology also has shortcomings. It is too complicated and maintenance is not easy.

Vacuum booster: Use the force generated by the pressure difference between the vacuum negative pressure of the engine’s intake pipe and the atmospheric pressure to assist the brakes, which can reduce the “labor intensity” of the driver. After the engine is turned off, you can first step on the brakes to stop the booster. Then step on the brakes, and you will find that you can’t step on it as much as you can. Without assistance, driving is really manual labor~! This is why the engine must not be stalled while the car is running. Once the flame is turned off, the power assist is gone and the brakes fail. At the same time, the hydraulic power steering also fails. Think about it, how terrible it is that you can’t move the direction or stop the car~!

Brake master cylinder: Generate brake fluid pressure, which is transmitted to each brake cylinder through the brake oil pipe.

Clutch master cylinder: When the clutch pedal is stepped on, the clutch master cylinder connected to the pedal will act to generate hydraulic pressure, which is transmitted to the clutch pump along the pipeline, and then converted into mechanical force to separate the clutch. The clutch operating system of the small F is hydraulic and shares a hydraulic oil with the brake system, so there is a pipe connected to the brake fluid tank.

ABS pump: a very important safety device~! ABS means automatic anti-lock braking system. When the brakes are applied, the ABS system will automatically apply dozens of brakes per second to each wheel based on information such as vehicle speed and braking strength to prevent the tires from locking and slipping and losing control of the body. And it can provide steering ability when braking to avoid obstacles.

Power steering pump: Provide hydraulic power for power steering. *Some car owners in the jar reported that the abnormal noise of the belt was caused by the deviation of the booster pump bracket, which caused the pulley of the booster pump to be out of the same plane with other pulleys, and abnormal friction with the pulley when the belt was running, causing noise.

Air conditioning compressor: Compress the vaporized refrigerant into a liquid state, and then pump it into the evaporator to produce the coolness we need~!

Exhaust manifold: The exhaust gas produced by each cylinder of the engine flows into the exhaust manifold through the exhaust manifold, and then is discharged into the atmosphere through the three-way catalyst and muffler. Because the exhaust gas of the engine is very hot, add a protective shell here to play a role of heat insulation. Seeing the sign of the hand shape, there is also an X, which means don’t touch it, it will burn you~!

Oxygen sensor: It detects the oxygen content in the exhaust gas and sends the signal to the engine control module to control the fuel injection volume, so that the fuel can be fully burned and emissions are reduced.

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